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Posted 6th June 2023

Most Trusted Building & Maintenance MD 2023 (Scotland): Joe Bunch

Quality and efficiency act as the backbone for the entire build industry. It’s what guarantees that the places that mean the most to us are bound to stand the test of time, and it all starts with the right building and maintenance services.

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most trusted building & maintenance md 2023 (scotland): joe bunch.

Most Trusted Building & Maintenance MD 2023 (Scotland): Joe Bunch

Quality and efficiency act as the backbone for the entire build industry. It’s what guarantees that the places that mean the most to us are bound to stand the test of time, and it all starts with the right building and maintenance services. Thankfully, Glasgow-based AIM Building & Maintenance Services Ltd (AIM Building & Maintenance) is consistently providing impeccable service throughout the UK, and it’s all thanks to its trustworthy Managing Director, Joe Bunch.

Established in 2020, by Managing Director Joe Bunch, AIM Building & Maintenance has already taken the UK building industry by storm. With its professional, friendly, and comprehensive services spanning across a whole range of various tasks, AIM Building & Maintenance has paved the way towards offering tailored services for projects of all sizes. From start to finish, it crafts a bespoke roadmap that’s exclusive to its clients’ needs, all whilst maintaining a high quality, value-for-money service that’s already shaping up to lead businesses into the next generation of the build industry.

Since its emergence three years ago, AIM Building & Maintenance has expanded its services to cover the vast majority of build requirements. Whether you’re looking for renovations for your corporate building, or wanting new fencing for your residential property, AIM Building & Maintenance has every tool at its disposal to provide you with the best of the best. Though its specialty lies within commercial insurance repairs, it won’t hesitate to lend its services wherever (and whenever) they’re needed.

In terms of its specialty, however, AIM Building & Maintenance truly excels when tackling insurance repairs. Initially established by Joe to cater towards this sector, it’s mastered the art of repair and reinstatement. Joe understands that disaster can strike at any moment, and has trained his team accordingly. As a result, AIM Building & Maintenance consistently provides speedy repair work, whilst operating to its exceptionally high standards. It aims to minimise inconvenience completely, so its clients can get back to doing what they do best as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Of course, over the last three years, AIM Building & Maintenance has extended its list of services even further, in the hopes of being able to provide for every type of client. Joe explains how, “Like most businesses, we know that our success lies in delivering excellent service to you, our customers. Our customer service charter sets out our commitment to provide you, our customer, with the service you can expect”, a statement that lends itself to the high regard in which AIM Building & Maintenance holds their clients.

It recognises the importance of clients, and how crucial it is to ensure that they exit the process with their needs met, and their expectations exceeded. AIM Building & Maintenance achieves this impressive feat through its vast wealth of service options, each of which are carried out by experts in their respective fields. Quality is the company’s main commitment, and it has yet to fail in dedicating its all towards achieving absolute client satisfaction.

However, none of this would be possible without the fantastic internal culture that Joe has tirelessly worked to foster throughout his years as Managing Director. His passion for the industry shines through the way AIM Building & Maintenance rigorously trains its team. It holds a steadfast ethos of self-evaluation, and its this resolute ethos that constructs a collaborative and supportive staff base, each dedicated towards AIM Building & Maintenance’s overarching mission: to provide quality service in every aspect of its work.

Joe seems to have mastered the art of what it means to manage a team, and it’s incredibly evident through the work that AIM Building & Maintenance has been able to, and continues to, accomplish. Though its experience may not amount to the many years totalled by other build companies throughout the UK, what it’s lost in time it makes up for in an astounding level of innovation, efficiency, and passion. Its young age doesn’t hinder its services, as evidenced by Joe’s most recent award title, and instead lends to the overwhelming success of this brilliant build business.

As stated by AIM Building & Maintenance, “We strive towards carrying out a professional, friendly, and comprehensive service to all of our customers, and we hope to connect with as many new people as we can this year”. No matter the client, and no matter the task, the team is committed towards providing every service imaginable whilst adhering to a quality that’s simply unbeatable. No detail is overlooked, and each project, regardless of size, is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. And, without Joe’s admirable knack for leadership, AIM Building & Maintenance may not have evolved to achieve the impressive status it holds today.

The build industry is constantly growing and changing. This is a fact that can’t be ignored, and some businesses within the field may be intimidated by the prospect of a rapidly fluctuating world. However, AIM Building & Maintenance is a cut above the rest, and takes change in its stride in order to offer the best that the UK build industry has to offer. Its passion lies with its devotion to its clients, and Joe is at the forefront of ensuring that AIM Building & Maintenance will continue to flourish in the coming years. If a young company such as this has been able to accomplish so much already, we can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

For business enquiries, contact Joe Bunch from AIM Building & Maintenance Services Ltd on their website – https://aimbms.com/

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