Multiplying Success with Xplus London

Multiplying Success with Xplus London

Established in 2013 and growing at a rapid pace since then, Xplus London Limited has fast become one of the best business accountancy firms in the South London area. Such is the excellence of the firm and the growth it has achieved, that SME News Magazine is today recognising the firm as South London’s Most Outstanding Business Accountancy Firm, 2020. Join us as we profile the work of the firm and find out what makes Xplus London such an outstanding business accountancy firm.

Since its foundation nearly eight years ago, Xplus London has always operated with the mission focus of offering a personalised and dedicated approach to business accountancy services. That personalised and dedicated approach are the reasons why individuals and companies choose to work with Xplus London, and the clients appreciate the insightful approach that the firm brings to every piece of work that is carried out. Success has swiftly followed wherever the firm has been, and it shows in the fact that the firm has actually tripled in size over the course of five years in business. Vision and growth have gone hand in hand, and there is a clear synergy between the two elements at Xplus London. Like most other businesses that exist in the world, Xplus London has envisioned the growth of the company when it first started, and the tripling of its size through organic growth is proof that the vision was right.

Traditional accountants will normally wait until the end of a year to get accounts complete and filed to the relevant bodies. Whatever the financial needs of the client, their family, or their business, Xplus London is the perfect firm for helping meet and deal with them. With a cost-free initial consultation that comes without an obligation, the firm is confident that every need will be satisfied for the customer when they work with Xplus London. Staying on top of finances and accounts is absolutely imperative to the survival and success of a business and ensuring that the client can remain on top of their accounts is where Xplus London thrives.

However, Xplus London does things a little differently. Online accounting packages allow the client to view and run their business anywhere, anytime. Xplus London can also advise on what the best packages are for the client, as well as help with implementation and training on how to get the most out of an online accounting package. Receiving the books at the end of the year does not mean the journey’s end. It is about more than planning however, and Xplus London employs a number of trained and qualified bookkeepers who can visit clients at their premises, or set up secure remote access and online accounting, whichever the client prefers.

Other areas of expertise that Xplus London boasts include payroll services, tax services, and VAT services; all of which are crucial in maintaining proper finances and account. By using the firm’s payroll services, another burden can be lifted from clients’ workloads, as it ensures total compliance with employment legislation and avoidance of any possible fines. Whether a client employs a handful of people, or a massive workforce, Xplus London’s team looks after the payroll for all sizes of businesses and organisations. As if that weren’t enough, the firm can also help businesses with registering, advice, avoiding penalties, mitigation of penalties, and ensuring that VAT relief opportunities are maximised wherever possible.

Abdul and his team at XPlus London have first-hand seen the effects of the pandemic for small businesses across London. With the wavering economic situation, the team have worked hard to provide more bespoke assistance to smaller businesses and aim to uplift and empower them in such a dire time. The team are passionate to see people succeed and build relationships with client so they can take an accurate but also a holistic approach to their services.

Ultimately, working in finance requires the most precise knowledge and careful implementation of that knowledge to ensure total and utter compliance with all the legal requirements. Xplus London offers its clients all of that and so much more, constantly going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver outstanding and exceptional services to its every client.

“Our mission is to keep everything together; help you multiply and add value to your business.” – Abdul Rashidi

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