Ken Clarke opens brand agency’s new £1 million media hub
Leading politician Ken Clarke was the guest of honour today at the official opening of a new £1m digital media
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gender pay gap
Equal Pay Day 2019 is here: Workhuman survey reveals possible causes of, and solutions to the UK’s pay gap problem
This Thursday – the 14th November – is ‘Equal Pay Day’ in the UK. From this day until the end
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children in need
10 Hour Bikeathon In Aid of Children In Need
On Friday 15th November Christian Michaels Agency, the digital marketing company, will be participating in a 10 hour non-stop bikeathon.
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Tequila Enemigo Challenges Excessive, Misleading Marketing and the Over-use of Celebrity Endorsements in World-first Campaign
The campaign entitled​ ‘Don’t Give A Bottle Of Marketing ’features a cinematic video released in three parts during November. Each
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Remembrance day
Remembering The Forgotten Heroes: Armed Forces Spouses
As the nation honours the veterans of today and yesterday, two organisations are fighting for the often-forgotten armed forces spouses
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The Opportunities Around Veganism
The Opportunities Around Veganism
How veganism has blossomed from a dietary choice to a way of life and how businesses can help cater for
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tea break
The Rules Of The Office Brew Round
When it comes to office politics, there’s one thing that takes precedence above everything else: the hot drinks round. Tea
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Start up
What’s Stopping Startups From Starting Up?
New UK Government data revealed that 2018 was the first year since 2000 that the total number of businesses in
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As Mothercare announces it will close its 79 remaining stores – 61% of Brits fear the high street will disappear
In the wake of the announcement that Mothercare will be closing its remaining 79 stores, with the loss of 2500
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Always on Culture: How Anxiety Affects the Workforce
In today’s working culture, there is almost an expectation that we should always be ‘logged on’. However, this mindset is
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buy out
Is a buyout part of your exit strategy?
Low interest rates and the strong availability of credit through equity and debt finance is fuelling the buyout market; allowing
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