Always on Culture: How Anxiety Affects the Workforce
In today’s working culture, there is almost an expectation that we should always be ‘logged on’. However, this mindset is
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buy out
Is a buyout part of your exit strategy?
Low interest rates and the strong availability of credit through equity and debt finance is fuelling the buyout market; allowing
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Halloween Pumps £23 Million into UK Cosmetics Industry
The UK has fallen under Halloween’s spell, with its Halloween cosmetics market growing 36.5% between 2017-2018. Online beauty comparison site
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What Every Business Should Be Asking Before Swapping to LPG
For decades, oil has been considered the fuel of choice for off-grid businesses. However, price volatility over the years matched
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Robot Revolution
Robot revolution: how is packaging needing to adapt for the droid generation?
With the ability to cut delivery costs and carbon emissions in urban areas, this futuristic technology is set to become
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Business life insurance
5 Reasons Why SME’s Should Provide Business Life Insurance
Charlie Cousins, Director of Hooray Health & Protection talks to us about the Business Life Insurance market and why employers
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SMEs underserved and overcharged: A history of neglect
Despite the obvious benefits SMEs contribute to the UK economy, historically they have been underserved and overcharged especially in relation
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Asset Finance
What is Asset Finance and How Could it Benefit Your Business?
If you have had trouble securing a loan from the bank, you’re not alone. It is becoming harder to obtain
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Growth in UK SMEs Borrowing Slowed in August
Growth in UK SMEs Borrowing Slowed in August
SMEs represent 99% of all businesses operating in the UK and their financial health determines the growth and sustainability of
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Launch of 100% plastic-free recyclable coffee cup is a UK-first from coffee company Rijo42
A Manchester-based commercial coffee machine retailer is the first UK coffee brand to develop and launch a disposable coffee cup
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Duologi report
Quarter of SME retailers missing the bill on consumer finance boom
A quarter of UK retailers are not capitalising on the rise in consumers spending on finance, according to new research.
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