Not Just Bookkeeping ltd- Best Accounts & Payroll Management Service 2019, London

Not Just Book Keeping

From its base in the heart of the UK Not Just Bookkeeping ltd provides award-winning payroll and accountancy services designed with the needs of the country’s SMEs in mind. We profile the firm to learn more about how it came to win one of our coveted 2019 Greater London Enterprise Awards.

Initially established in 2015 by a group of accounting professionals, Not Just Bookkeeping has since risen to become a key player in London’s accounting and payroll management space, offering a wide range of services.

Supporting a range of SMEs across the business landscape and based throughout the UK and internationally, the firm’s expert team are able to meet their specific needs and ensure they receive the support and service they require. Every aspect of the client’s bookkeeping, payroll and accounting can be undertaken, and the firm will even offering free mentoring to clients to help them enhance their in-house capabilities.

Providing bespoke services tailored around each client’s individual sector, region and clientele is central to Not Just Bookkeeping’s continued success. The firm’s staff work with their clients to ensure that they receive exactly what they need, whilst constantly remaining ahead of emerging market trends to provide them with cutting-edge services they can rely on.

Fundamentally, Not Just Bookkeeping’s core mission moving forward is to provide accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses with entrepreneurial aspirations. The firm’s expert team aim to do this in a way that translates into growth for their clients and their business. They will continue to evolve and adapt over the coming years in line with the ever-evolving needs of their valued clients.