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Hugsbaby Limited is an online retailer of baby and childrenswear that is this year celebrating its recognition as Best in Baby and Children’s Clothing 2021 at the SME Business Elite Awards 2021. We dig a little deeper to find out what it is that sets Hugsbaby Limited apart in a busy and competitive market.

Established in 2019, Hugsbaby Limited is a leading online retailer of high-quality baby and children’s clothing for the youth of the United Kingdom. Made using only the best quality fabrics and materials, each piece of Hugsbaby clothing is beautiful, unique and comfortable, allowing children to move, grow and play in pieces that they love and that parents can rely on to stand the test of time.

From handknitted pieces to winter woollies, swimwear to summer pieces, and party dresses to pyjamas, Hugsbaby has clothing and outfits for all occasions, in an inclusive size range that spans from premature babies to toddlers. Hugsbaby also proudly represents other leading children’s designer clothing brands such as Mintini Baby and Pex, thereby offering a truly extensive collection to choose from.

Hugsbaby was created by Founder Jacqui Newlands in 2019 as the exciting next step of her own inspiring cancer survival story. Jacqui brought together more than thirty years of experience in both retail and accountancy and combined it with great taste and a keen passion for selecting the very best quality in manufacturers of fine clothing to establish a business that prioritised quality, style and comfort for babies and children of the UK.

Today, Jacqui works alongside Marketing Manager Emily Dews, who is also a photographer that runs her own business, to promote Hugsbaby and pioneer exciting new trends and ideas for childrenswear. Emily has witnessed Jacqui’s remarkable journey as a cancer survivor and an award-winning businesswoman and helped her to establish Hugsbaby as a leader of the UK’s online retail industry for childrenswear.

As a result, Hugsbaby is this year the proud recipient of the award for Best in Baby and Children’s Clothing 2021 at the SME Business Elite Awards 2021. With many more exciting projects and new lines of clothing currently in the works, Hugsbaby is proving that despite the two successful and incredibly inspiring years of operation it has seen thus far, the best is yet to come.

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