Payment methods that customers trust and are likely to use

Paying online in these times is not always as easy as it seems. Phishers and scammers on the internet are constantly trying to scam people out of their hard-earned cash. So, creating a sense of trust and worry-free feeling with your customers is something that is vital for your store or enterprise in whatever area you reside.

In this article you’ll find a list of the most-used and trusted payment methods that are available for most commerce or businesses. These are not listed in any specific order.


The Swedish giant provides a payment method for all businesses and stores across the world. They offer different services, the most common being simply paying through Klarna like any payment gateway. But another service they offer is payment in advance. Klarna will pay you out but the customer needs to pay klarna back. Another service that ties into that is split payment, where Klarna will pay you out but your customers will be paying back Klarna in partial payments. Now they offer this without interest.

“Klarna has identified several interesting budding consumer trends that it intends to exploit in the future.” according to

Western Union

Now, there are people out there that have a cash-phobia and hate cash notes, so they only carry cards and online balances. These people can make payments through WU. It is a widely easy-to-use service. If you like to receive your money physically rather than in your bank account directly, then you should not feature Western Union on your store/business. Cash is less and less common. Partially because of inflation and other crises, people have become more financially literate, investing their money and saving when they can.


Paypal is something that automatically sparks trust in people’s minds. Paypal is one of the oldest, most secure platforms that have been around. Also, a lot of users on the internet actively use paypal in their daily life, so not offering paypal is potentially missing out on an an important audience.

Also not everyone holds a balance in their paypal account, but users can link their bank info to their paypal account making payal act as a payment gateway for credit cards too.

Visa & Mastercard

Nothing beats the credit card providers Visa and Mastercard. People have become so used to them that not having it in your store or business makes your business appear questionable and insecure. You might have special reasons for your website or business for not accepting credit cards. But know that depending on your region, a lot of people also hold Visa and Mastercard debit cards. Nothing on this list could ever beat these two payment cards. They are the most known, the most used, the most loved and/or hated!