Pros and Cons of Using Texting as a Marketing Method

Pros and Cons of Using Texting as a Marketing Method

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Today’s businesses have multiple marketing methods at their disposal, from online social media ads to traditional telephone marketing.

One form of marketing that can be very successful, but which is often overlooked, is that of SMS marketing.

However, there are pros and cons of utilising texting as a marketing method.

The Pros of Texting as a Marketing Method

Some people prefer hearing the bad news first while others prefer hearing good news first. Well, let us start with the good.

There are many advantages of using texting as a marketing method. Here are just some of the pros.

You Can Deliver Marketing Messages Very QuicklyWhen you send a text message, it is delivered to the recipients immediately, so texting is a lightning-fast marketing method.

Therefore, it is ideal for time-sensitive campaigns, like special promotions and flash sales. For instance, you could send your leads a text message on Black Friday to tell them about your offers.

Furthermore, and very importantly, people always have their phones with them, which means there is a much higher chance your message will be seen, and be seen quickly, compared to other marketing methods.

In fact, studies show that 90% of SMS messages are read within the first three minutes of being received.

The Open and Response Rates for Text Messages Are HighFollowing on from the last point, text messages have high open and response rates.

In fact, many studies have shown that the average open rate for text messages is a whopping 90% in comparison to the open rate for email messages, which is around 30%.

And due to the convenience and simplicity of texting, SMS marketing messages have a far higher response rate compared to other approaches like email messages or app notifications.

Texting Is a Cost-effective Form of MarketingMarketing via text messaging can be a highly cost-effective form of marketing. In fact, the only costs involve using a text messaging service, which you probably already use.

Also, these days, it is easy to send a text message from a computer.

The Cons of Texting as a Marketing Method

Now it is time for the bad news. Having said that, the cons of text messaging are not actually too bad, especially when you weigh up the cons with the pros of using texts as a marketing method.

Here are a few of the drawbacks of using SMS as a marketing method.

You Have a Limited Message LengthOne of the main cons of text messages as a marketing tool is that you are limited to a finite number of characters.

If you want to send longer messages, you will have to send several texts. That will cost more and it can also put customers off.

However, if you learn how to craft effective marketing content that is under 160 characters long, you can use texts to your advantage.

But for marketing campaigns that require more information, other marketing methods like email or social media content could be better. In which case, check out these four hot social media platforms that are moving up digital marketing.

SMS Marketing Can Sometimes Be Viewed as IntrusiveBecause text messaging is a more intimate form of communication, not every country responds well to SMS marketing.

For instance, text messaging can be very effective in countries like the United States whereas it is generally seen as more intrusive in countries like Germany.

So, tailor your methods to the countries you are targeting.

Texting Is an Additional Marketing Method to ManageFinally, you are sure to use other marketing methods. So, by adding text messaging to your marketing arsenal, it will take up more time and more resources.

But as long as you are prepared and use the method in the right way, text message marketing can be very fruitful.