Q1 2018

SME News - Q1 2018

Welcome to the Q1 edition of SME News, bringing you the latest news, announcements about enterprises throughout the UK.

In recent news, new statistics from the London Business survey have revealed that recruitment figures are down 43% across SMEs in South London. GIC Capital provides SMEs with vital funding through privately owned investment companies, and is highlighting the fact that a number of factors including Brexit and a shortage of skills could be behind the drop in recruitment figures.

In this month’s issue, we discover how Britain’s SMEs have recorded the worst business health reading since 2014, as rising business costs, a dip in confidence, lower net business creation and a lack of borrowing are taking their toll, according to the latest research by CYBG in partnership with the Centre for Business and Economics Research (Cebr).

Elsewhere in this edition, we look at how funds that are advised and managed by YFM Equity Partners (“YFM”), the specialist private equity fund manager, have backed an investment into Ncam Technologies Limited, a provider of innovative and leading Augmented Reality solutions for the entertainment industries.

Lastly, MobiBlue, who is widely known for their services in Mobile Marketing programs for small businesses and Mobile App Development, has recently announced their new low-cost PWA Mobile App development service for small businesses. According to the company, advancements in website technologies now allow websites to look and act like a native Mobile App. Called ‘Progressive Web Apps (PWA)’, the hybrid combines the best of a website and native Mobile App.

Here at SME News, we hope that you thoroughly enjoy reading this issue and look forward to hearing from you.

Patrick Doherty