Safety Products To Install In Your Office

Safety Products To Install In Your Office

With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing many businesses to adopt remote working practices, a significant number of offices and workspaces now lie empty.

While many business leaders might lament this waste of money and the reduction in productivity that can come from staff working from their homes, it also brings a unique opportunity for you to consider what improvements need to be made to your workplace.

One of your top priorities needs to be safety features, which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the top safety products you should have installed in your office ready for when the lockdown is over.

Fire Stopping Products

Fires can be devastating for any company, so it’s vital that you have all of the procedures and equipment in place to prevent and manage fires. While the obvious products, such as extinguishers and blankets, may already be in your office, there are other solutions on the market that can help reduce the chances of a fire breaking out in the first place. Nullifire for instance offers large cavity barriers, building gap seals, pipe and cable penetration closing products and more. All of these solutions can reduce the chances of a fire starting in your building, so your staff can work safely.

Safety Advice Posters

It might sound basic, but posters can easily impart vital information to your staff. They are bright and eye-catching, meaning that they can be more effective than emails and safety briefings. If you haven’t reviewed the safety posters in your office for some time, then now is the perfect opportunity to find new, informative posters. You can order them online and then put them up when your staff return to work in the office.

Wet Floor Cones

Even offices need wet floor cones, particularly if it has a kitchen area where staff prepare food and drinks. If anyone spills water or any liquid on the floor, then as it is being cleared and while the floor is drying signs need to be put out to stop other staff from walking on the wet spaces. Use the time you have at home to do a check on your firm’s signage inventory and add to it as required. 

A Defibulator

Heart attacks are a common cause of death in many individuals around the world, and they are on the rise thanks to various lifestyle factors such as obesity, smoking, excessive drinking and others. In some cases, they can lead to the heart stopping altogether. While CPR can help keep someone whose heart has stopped alive, a defibrillator is needed to actually restart it. Having a defibrillator at your place of work has many benefits, most notably that it will reduce the likelihood of a fatality on your premises.

The safety of your team is of paramount importance to the ongoing success of your business. Use this article to review the safety products that you can add to your office to make it as safe as it can possibly be in time for your team’s return.  

Patrick Doherty