SME News Lifts the Curtain on the Northern Enterprise Award Winners of 2020

northern ent

United Kingdom, 2021 – SME News is pleased to announce the winners of their annual Northern Enterprise Award.

From regional flooding to a recent deep freeze, and all during the worst health crisis in living memory, it would be understandable to witness the people of Northern of England falling to the pits of despair. That, however, is not the Northern way. A region noted for its strong work ethic, never-say-die attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, the Northern Enterprise Awards on SME News is here to remind everyone why the North of England is still the place for sound investment in skills, innovation, transport and culture.

A scant three years ago, Northern England was touted to become the new London as an emergent industrial revolution crested the horizon in the region. Initially appearing to be a slow burn movement instigated by Northern Powerhouse, dramatic transformations could soon be seen, as local infrastructure, technology and transport all saw increased investment. Investments which then stalled as confidence began to falter due to the pandemic.

Throughout it all, however, the Northern spirit continued to shine, like the proverbial silver lining and there to bear witness to the award-worthy achievements across the region has been SME News, as it accepted nominations from the best and brightest businesses the North has to offer. Martyn Walters, Lead Researcher for SME News commented, “It is always heartening to see the lengths businesses and companies take to ensure they offer the best products and services, but to witness the perseverance and ingenuity of enterprises, large and small, as they contend with the challenges thrust upon them is truly inspirational. If this list of award-winning enterprises doesn’t foster confidence for renewed investment in the region, I’d be surprised.”


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