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Posted 28th May 2024

Storage Solutions for Mobile Food Trucks and Catering Businesses

If running a catering business wasn't hard enough, operating a mobile food truck (or similar business) adds even more obstacles to your plate.

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storage solutions for mobile food trucks and catering businesses.

Storage Solutions for Mobile Food Trucks and Catering Businesses

If running a catering business wasn’t hard enough, operating a mobile food truck (or similar business) adds even more obstacles to your plate. Business storage is one of the most overlooked yet demanding issues for any type of catering business, especially businesses that are mobile as well as compact. Maximising the very limited space at your disposal can be a challenge, that’s why finding the right self-storage solutions is essential to keep your space organised and clutter-free.

The right storage solutions can help you make the most of your limited space, letting you focus on running your business without stress about where to put everything. These solutions can free up your workspace as well as make your operations run smoother. This is because, when your workspace is organised, you’ll have more time for what really counts like perfecting your menu, serving customers, and growing your business.

In order to benefit from a more organised workspace, implementing practical storage solutions that can be tailored to your needs is a must as what may work for one mobile catering or food truck company may not work for you. That’s why exploring customisable business storage is crucial!

What is customisable business storage?

For mobile food trucks that work in very limited space, customisable storage might mean using smart internal storage solutions to free up floor space or renting out external storage facilities to house paperwork and spare cooking equipment. Similarly, catering businesses of all sizes (mobile or not) can still benefit from utilising their space by storing spare equipment in storage facilities or adapting their workspace to maximise available floor space. Therefore, if you are a catering business it’s worth considering what business storage solutions you could implement to help keep your workspace streamlined and manageable.

Examples of personalised business storage…


When it comes to maximising space in mobile food businesses, the key is to keep as much floor space free as possible. One way to keep your floor space free is to invest in some customisable shelving. Shelving can be a flexible and practical way to store paperwork, utensils, spare, supplies and office stationery without it cluttering up your workspace. Both wall-mounted shelving and floor-standing shelving units can maximise space as well as make it more accessible to find what you need.

We also recommend multi-functional equipment that can help declutter your limited working space. For example, investing in appliances that can perform multiple functions can increase the amount of free working space. Similarly, foldable prep tables can be used as both prep surfaces and storage when not in use, to help optimise space in your food truck or kitchen setup even more. By incorporating versatile equipment, you can streamline operations and maximise efficiency.

Another way you can organise your work area is to consider compact refrigeration units. Traditional refrigeration can take up a lot of valuable workspace, which can be a challenge in mobile food businesses where every inch of space counts. That’s why it might be a good idea to switch to compact refrigeration units that are designed to fit under your working space or integrate seamlessly with other floor storage. This approach not only maximises your available workspace but also ensures that ingredients are kept fresh and safe without compromising efficiency.


Storing items such as large equipment, paperwork, and bulk items in storage facilities is a practical approach to maintaining a clutter-free operating space. That’s why companies such as Attic Self Storage offer catering business owners the convenience of browsing through a variety of storage options to determine their space requirements accurately. For large items like spare cooking machinery, you may need a drive-in unit or just a small unit for housing your documents and paperwork.

Everyone has different storage needs, which is why it’s important to research and understand how personalised storage options can support your business. The goal is to ensure that everyone can find smart solutions that efficiently meet their specific needs. By providing tailored storage solutions, you can focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional food and service to your customers.

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