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Posted 25th July 2023

Strategic Digital Growth

As the leading digital marketing agency in Leeds, Bobble Digital Limited has implemented its own digital strategy to improve its clients’ online presence and deliver long term results. In light of it being recognised as Best Digital Marketing Agency 2023 – Leeds, we find out more from CEO, Manpreet Singh about its innovative approach and commitment to building a more sustainable society.

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strategic digital growth.

Strategic Digital Growth
Bobble Digital

As the leading digital marketing agency in Leeds, Bobble Digital Limited has implemented its own digital strategy to improve its clients’ online presence and deliver long term results. In light of it being recognised as Best Digital Marketing Agency 2023 – Leeds, we find out more from CEO, Manpreet Singh about its innovative approach and commitment to building a more sustainable society.

Bobble Digital Limited is an award-winning and pioneering digital marketing agency based in Leeds that has implemented its own digital strategy to improve its clients’ online presence and deliver long-term results.

With a flexible and responsive approach to its work, Bobble Digital delivers results by carefully considering each channel and campaign.

“At Bobble Digital, we don’t believe that one size fits all,” explains Manpreet Singh, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. “We believe in innovation. It’s not just about identifying the key digital channels. It’s also about being relevant, following and understanding digital trends to stand out from the competition.”

This is all achieved by Bobble Digital by focusing on what it is good at, across six core services which include marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, paid social, video and display, and analytics, all of which are specifically tailored to meet its clients’ ever-changing needs.

The firm’s core values and deliverables have remained at its core for the last six years since its establishment, and Manpreet’s knowledge, leadership, and expertise are all woven into the very fabric of the firm. He strongly believes in customer service and doing the best thing for his clients, which is why Manpreet stands by the mantra of “if it works for you, it works for us”.

With a motto of “strategic digital growth”, Bobble Digital establishes this through its agile methodology called the PIER system, an acronym for Plan, Implement, Evaluate, and Repeat.

“We use this model to develop digital marketing strategies and we deliver results by carefully considering each channel and campaign,” Manpreet elaborates. “We’re here to take our clients on a digital journey, with exceptional business growth being the final destination.”

More recently, the company established its new unique selling point, called Bobble Insights, which is a new piece of technology that ensures high account optimisation and delivery for clients across all core services that it offers. This innovative platform identifies all the core and fundamental tasks that need to be completed to ensure campaigns are delivering at 100% efficiency to maximise results. And the data that Bobble Digital harvests from this platform helps it to quickly profile, analyse, and identify campaign opportunities and areas for growth. This then provides a campaign optimisation score which pulls through channel performance from all digital channels, not just one.

A recent project which has utilised this model is the firm’s client, Panintelligence, which is an embedded analytics platform for SaaS (Software as a Service) that rivals giants like Yellowfin and Sisense. The firm sought Bobble Digital’s help to focus on SEO activity to improve site performance and mobile usability.

Manpreet tells us more. “Amongst the incredible work Panintelligence was doing, they were also completely changing their brand messaging to reflect their brand growth,” he begins. “To achieve this further, keyword and competitor research was a must.”

As part of its strategy, Bobble Digital completed the following: in-depth competitor analysis; liaison with the developers to improve the site’s technical performance; on-page content optimisation focusing on keyword gap analysis to identify the relevant target audience; sitemap optimisation to improve crawlability and remove all issues with redirections; and support with the new messaging and content, including new keyword research, while ensuring the site didn’t lose its overall visibility and share of voice.

“As a result of our work across SEO, PPC, and paid social (in particular LinkedIn), we helped Panintelligence reach its marketing goals by increasing its website’s desktop performance by +34 points and mobile performance by +67 points,” enthuses Manpreet. “On top of this, we increased their visibility by +1.46% based on the tracked keywords compared with the leading organic competitors.”

More than 40% of Leeds’ businesses that Panintelligence has received have been a direct result of Bobble Digital’s SEO and paid media strategy. Thanks to its commitment to monthly link building and external SEO coverage, the firm was able to help Panintelligence and CEO, Zandra Moore gain massive reach across paper and online publications.

But it’s not all work, in fact Manpreet is very focused on giving something back to communities too, and is keen to help the environment. He tells us that when the Amazon Rainforest was on fire, it really hit him hard and made him rethink the position of the company regarding sustainability. Today, Bobble Digital actively supports the Rainforest Trust UK, where a percentage of all of its revenue each month goes towards protecting key rainforests around the world.

“To date, we’ve helped protect more than 1,800 acres of rainforest space in the world, which for a small business like Bobble, is a large space!” he says passionately. “This is all down to the amazing work of the team, our clients who trust us, but also our relationship with Rainforest Trust UK.”

Recently, as testament to its hard work, dedication, and commitment to both its customers and sustainability, Bobble Digital gained nationwide recognition in the prestigious SME News Business Elite Awards 2023 and was crowned with the title of Best Digital Marketing Agency 2023 – Leeds.

Understandably delighted by this accolade, Manpreet is now looking forward to a profitable future, with the next five years being used to develop the Bobble Insights platform to add key features, including integration with AI and platforms like Chat GPT, to give more AI performance and recommendations to maximise results and data analysis.

In 2023, the firm also took its first step outside of the UK into the United Arab Emirates, opening up new offices there and building a presence to target more tech sector clients. By 2025, Manpreet hopes to have established offices in the Americas and Europe too, all while expanding the teams and innovating the way in which the firm delivers results.

Manpreet leaves us with some words of wisdom for other SME businesses looking to grow as Bobble Digital has.

“Focus on what your good at,” he enthuses. “Don’t oversell and go beyond your means just to please a particular client or project to get the win. It’s best to stick to your expertise and advise on that which you know you can deliver instead of over promising on wider services you don’t offer.

“The best advice I was ever given was “this too shall pass”, and it reminds me that when things are difficult and times are hard in business, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.”

For further information, please contact Manpreet Singh or visit https://bobbledigital.com/

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