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Being crowned the Best in Technology Marketing, 2021, is not an easy thing to achieve, but that is exactly what the team at Bite IT Marketing have done for themselves. They understand that marketing does not need to be overly complicated. Discover more about the firm as we take a closer look in this issue of SME News Magazine.

At Bite IT Marketing, the firm is built around a drive for meaningful marketing value that does not prioritise style over substance. Acting as an extension of its clients own marketing or leadership team, Bite IT Marketing works to support its clients in delivering effective and results-driven channel marketing excellence. This is a firm that believes in making informed decisions quickly, communicating skilfully, and acting on the results, thereby creating refreshingly integrated campaigns that are delivered with both confidence and originality. Marketing as a service, or MaaS, is crucial for businesses operating in the twenty first century. Business is everywhere now and ensuring that a firm has a solid marketing plan in the hands of those savvy enough to execute it is imperative. Maybe a client needs someone who has the time to pull a campaign together and deliver it with style and substance. That is where Bite IT Marketing comes into the frame.

These integrated campaign packages are tailored to meet a client’s sales and marketing goals alike, and they are truly outstanding within the industry. Bite IT Marketing combines its own extensive experience delivering campaigns across security, networking, and cloud, with its agency management experience from design and PR, to advertising and digital. As a combination that is second to none, this allows the firm to lead, manage, and drive a client’s marketing initiatives and its wider agency engagements. Bite IT Marketing’s approach means that it immerses itself wholly and seamlessly into its clients’ businesses. Presence is felt at team and board meetings, workshops, events, and so much more. Understanding a business is core to what Bite IT Marketing does, and it does this so well.

Behind the success of Bite IT Marketing is a team of individuals that are enhanced, enriched, and energised to deliver the best service possible for clients. With an abundance of experience and expertise, these channel marketing starlets are the lifeblood of the business. Passionate, talented, driven, supportive, friendly, and fun, Bite IT Marketing’s team is always seeking to produce work of a better and better quality every single time. Many of the clients are selected by name to work on projects with clients, showcasing their dedication and friendliness to the highest degree. Wonderful feedback and positive word-of-mouth has gone a long way in making sure that Bite IT Marketing is deserving of this success and recognition.

However, there has also been disruption in the last twelve months. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in many different ways, some of which are still unknown to businesses all over the world. With its marketing hats firmly on, Bite IT Marketing was not alone in anticipating a rise in online presences and a rise in virtual business. Social distancing has paved the way for an even greater need for connection, and marketing has benefitted greatly from this. Back in March 2020, the team invited tech marketeers to get in touch with Bite IT Marketing, as the firm wanted to help reshape their marketing plans for the post-pandemic world. Within days of lockdown enforcement, the firm worked with its clients to make their campaign plans stronger, measurable, and more meaningful. Together, they started tackling the challenges posed by this new, socially distanced world head on.

Ultimately, the ingenuity and creativity of these technology and channel marketing specialists is exactly what the world of business needs right now, as it has done for the last twelve months. The marketing changes triggered by the virus are here to stay, and as 2021 unfolds, most will continue to gather steam. Bite IT Marketing stands ready for further change, and is willing to embrace the new marketing rules. There are cost savings to be had, ROI improvements to be made, and there are opportunities to grasp before others do. The firm is here to act as extensions of clients’ teams to make them happen. In essence, that is the excellence of Bite IT Marketing.

For more information, please contact Vanessa Cardwell at www.biteitmarketing.com

Akeela Zahair