The Benefits Of Email Automation Workflow For Your Business

email automation

Email automation workflows are automated emails sent to help turn prospects into customers. Email automation plays a crucial role in marketing. Through email automation, you will not have to spend hours writing individual emails for every prospect or customer. You also won’t have to send general email after email to your entire subscriber list, which can make you send irrelevant messages to them. If that happens, they are more likely to mark your emails as spam or worse, unsubscribe.

Email automation is generally all about reaching the right prospects with the right message at the right time. With that said, let’s look at some of the top benefits of email automation.


1. It is automatic

One of the top benefits of email automation workflow is that it is automatic. That means that it doesn’t require any intervention; it will work on its own. After it has been set up, whenever a viewer triggers the event, the action sequence will begin. You don’t need manual intervention or any staff to monitor customer activity and send emails manually 24/7.


2. It nurtures leads

Business is all about relationships. It is a relationship between the business owner and the customer. And this also applies to email marketing. The last thing your subscribers want is to be bombarded with messages immediately they download your PDF from your site. They also necessarily do not want to talk to your staff. You need to first focus on building a relationship with them.

Email automation basically allows you to do that. You will be sending these potential customers relevant, engaging and specific information about your brand that can help them get to know your brand more. This way, they can be more receptive if your sales team approaches them.


3. It significantly benefits your sales team

Since email automation is specially designed to nurture potential customers, this makes it a huge win for your sales team as well. Your sales team can see which emails or even what content the lead has engaged with and determine the chances that they may be interested in what the business is offering.


4. It increases brand awareness

Another top benefit of email automation workflow is that it can help boost brand awareness. By sending out your leads engaging and interesting content, the customer is already interacting with your brand and building a relationship with it.  So when your sales staff contacts them, they will know exactly who and what your business is all about.


5. Improved customer personalization

Nowadays, potential customers prefer personalization. They want brands to know them on a personal level, including their names, location, what they do, and hobbies so that they can offer them products and services that meet their needs.

So if a business cannot do that, these prospects or customers are more likely to move to the next business that can offer them personalized products and services. This is where email automation comes in. You can use the data gathered from your prospects’ digital footprint to help you personalize everything.