The best podcasts to help you grow your small business

The best podcasts to help you grow your small business

Ever wonder where your competitors get their breaking industry news?

Consider this: 8 out of 10 podcast listeners consume more than 7 hours of material every week. Still wondering how your competitors stay on top of emerging trends?

Business podcasts are out there, educating the leaders in your industry with hour after hour of weekly news and updates. Isn’t it time your small business played a little catch-up?


Entrepreneurs on Fire

“Who’s ready to rock today, Fire nation!”… John Lee Dumas is the host and founder of the award-winning Entrepreneurs on Fire. The podcast has over 100 million listens. But it wasn’t easy. JLD knows what it takes to make it happen. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in 2002, Dumas served as a military officer until the age of 26. He then took a couple of roles in insurance and real estate before starting his podcast at the age of 32.

The podcast put out material seven days a week (accompanied by goal-oriented self-help books). The podcast now pulls in seven figures, with revenue split between sponsorship, sale of online courses, affiliate revenue, and book sales.

Guests include some of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial business. Get involved for buckets of streamed motivation from someone who did it all from scratch.



Andrew Warner is the host of Mixergy, where he interviews entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses. Warner gets down to the brass tax of how pivotal moments come when you least expect them, and success or failure is built on how you react. Listen in for detailed problem-solving tips on how startups just like yours looked into the abyss and rolled up their sleeves.

Warner began business life as the leader of a startup that bought and ran a collection of other startups. He has managed greetings card companies, gaming companies, and much more. Tune in and benefit from an array of fast-business-thinking stories (and he always asks his guests to value their companies – a question most interviewers avoid!).


Entrepreneur Effect

The Entrepreneur Effect is presented by Dush Ramachandran, a 25 year veteran of business leadership roles and disseminating transformative coaching techniques. A true
business chameleon, he brings his podcast to life with a down to earth mixture of friendliness and grittiness that makes billion-dollar expansions seem within reach.

Ramachandran values business plans and recalls sketching a plan for a $200 million deal on the back of a beer mat, which was then virtually unchanged and written up to complete the transaction. He also loves comic books – which says a lot about his “anything is possible” outlook!


RISE Podcast

Take massive action. Not on Monday. Not after New Year. Right now. Take massive action that will get you to your goal. Or so says Rachel Hollis, founder and host of RISE. Hollis built a multi-million dollar media company with nothing more than a high school diploma and an internet connection.

The podcast shares direct and tangible business startup tips, giving you the tools and motivation you need to change your life. This is a fast and fun goal-oriented podcast that can help you conquer your doubts and get going.


Sound Advice

Get year one in business right. That’s the tagline for this uplifting business-minded podcast from Sage. Hosted by business journalist Bex Burn-Callendar, Sound Advice covers everything from writing your first business plan, gaining your first customer lead, remaining tax compliant, and even how to get started with no money.

Season one offers 10 episodes covering a very listenable mix of “kitchen-table” advice on how to navigate toward financial freedom in year one. The line-up of small business stars has been specially selected to give their thoughts on how they successfully started tech empires from their spare rooms and brought vegan doughnuts to the masses from single- stove beginnings.

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