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Posted 5th May 2022

Ultra-Secure Project Management

Intellidocs is a new-era project and document management platform, built by industry professionals for industry professionals.

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ultra-secure project management.

Ultra-Secure Project Management

Intellidocs is a new-era project and document management platform, built by industry professionals for industry professionals. It streamlines project data, organises tasks and ensures clean, concise information is always viewable and easily accessible by individuals who are required to complete works on or offsite. SME News has recognised Intellidocs for its award in Best Project and Document Management System Technology 2021 – UK, so we take a closer look at what it can do for customers.

Intellidocs’ clients go from large multinationals to small teams (SMEs) and individuals who need more control in their workflows and communications. The software can be used by a multinational on a multi-million pound project, with small teams able to receive tasks and feedback statuses in real-time on the same platform.

The software enables automated workflows and acknowledgment of tasks which give ownership and accountability. Senior management can utilise the powerful dashboard tool to understand where the project sits from a completion or issues perspective. With inciteful visualisation tools and clear graphics, Intellidocs makes understanding a project position simple and quick to understand.

Wider collaboration to the project world is allowed through Intellidocs’ next generation interfaces to major project software systems including Project, PV6, Asta Powerproject and BIM, to mention just a few. It can extract and push data in real-time to various systems, to give all stakeholders a hands-on responsibility to delivering on timelines.

Intellidocs was devised and written from the ground up – utilising its own inhouse software team who are now tailoring the platform for multiple companies, enabling systems to adapt to how each unique organisation works as opposed to the organisation working around and fitting into the system. Intellidocs prides itself on resolving complex tasks into simple elegant software solutions that drive efficiency and thus increase the bottom line, reduce the project risk, and track project bottle necks and pinch points.

The platform also has an inbuilt chat and video conferencing/engineering support function where onsite engineers can look at issues in real-time with trained offsite technicians and work collaboratively to resolve technical queries.

It can log and track delays and issue reports including images to documents where tasks were not able to be completed and assign a value to the tasks. The platform also has a unique ability to work offline and synchronise when cloud connectivity is available, thus not limiting the ability to work in any location. It can push tasks/data from bid to build to audit to handover and subsequently to the end user with O&Ms prebuilt and with a QR code. The maintenance teams can receive and review full implementation data and the end user can track problems from a historical perspective, thus giving significant value in preventative maintenance cycles.

Intellidocs believes its main strength as a company is its ability to understand a clerical system and automate the process with minimal fuss. Each client is unique and Intellidocs’ experience and previous successful completed projects mean it has an extensive module library available for rapid development of many types of systems, each one designed and engineered to meet the challenges faced in today’s complex world of project delivery. The platforms are modular in design, meaning that as the business world shifts in terms of compliance and requirements, Intellidocs’ engineers can easily represent and apply those new requirements to the client’s live platform.

Intellidocs’ staff are very important to the business – they are the living side of the touch and feel approach the company has; they take the time to engage with the client. Intellidocs isn’t seeking a short-term hit in terms of a customer, it seeks to develop long-term relationships built on trust, understanding and high-quality delivery.

The company often undertakes exploratory systems for clients free of charge so they can see and evaluate if a new process or module would be beneficial to their team. If so, the module is costed and added to the package they are using under a monthly billing cycle. Intellidocs is focused on subscription-based solutions, meaning that customers do not have a large development cost to pay upfront to see if a solution works.

When it comes to recruiting new team members at Intellidocs, the prime focus is 100% attitude. Technique can be taught, courses can be taken internally with seasoned developers, but attitude is an element of a person that you can’t change, nor would the company want to. Intellidocs is a strong, ethically-driven company which prides itself on relationships and integrity.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was rife from late 2019, moving into 2020 and 2021, all companies found this to be a tough period. Intellidocs’ main focus was going back to its existing client base and asking them what they wanted in the future and developing modules at no cost for evaluation and discussions. This cemented relationships and built additional bridges to clients. This strategy was key to a phenomenal 2021 when the market surged back to life. Intellidocs found that it had systems in place and modules tested ready for deployment far in advance of any other company.

Now looking head, Intellidocs’ plans for 2022 are simple: to keep engaging with its clients, and looking for additional companies to join its journey towards digital workforces by digitising their activities and managing their data. The benefits when you need to make informed financial/business decisions are much easier when reviewing historical events backed up by solid data.

For further information, please contact John Robertson or visit www.intellidocs.co.uk

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