Universities That Host Amazing Academic Conferences to Help Business Leaders Constantly Improve Their Knowledge

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The UK is famous for its internationally renowned universities and education programs. Top names like Cambridge and Oxford also host online programs and courses, which means international students can now go to reputable UK universities without having to move to the UK.

It is also worth noting that UK universities are not only famous for their high education standards and incredible programs. The biggest names in the education landscape are home to some of the most remarkable events and academic conferences that everyone can attend.

As a business leader, you need to enhance your knowledge and improve your skillset continually. That includes not only your work skillsets but also your overall knowledge. Attending academic conferences can help you to learn new skills and obtain knowledge that can help drive your SME to success.

This article will focus on those conferences. If you are interested in attending international – and virtual – events, to improve your skills and make yourself a better business leader, then here are the universities that host them.


University of Oxford

We cannot talk about top events hosted by universities in the UK without talking about Oxford. The collegiate university has been hosting the biggest academic events in the world. There is a wide range of events to choose from, such as professional and industry-specific conferences to research events and paper announcements.

Oxford’s Open Days are legendary. Due to the recent crisis, the university is now hosting a virtual open day event. That doesn’t necessarily mean a downgrade, though, because Oxford’s Virtual Open Days is not an event that anyone can attend no matter where you live. The event is home to academic announcements and great offers for those who want to join Oxford. So, if you’re thinking about taking a course from this prestigious university, or just want to learn about how it has become such a renowned education provider, then this could be the ideal way to do it.

The weekly Oxford at Home, another new initiative by the university, is also very interesting. The event is where topics such as the history of Shakespeare and the intricate details of Rembrandt’s life are discussed. You will definitely enjoy the long list of experts that will be hosting these weekly events, plus the event costs nothing to join. As such, you can learn invigorating new facts for free. These events aren’t just for art connoisseurs; leaders from across the corporate market can also enjoy them.


University of Cambridge

Next, we have the University of Cambridge. Similar to Oxford, Cambridge has been hosting a lot of academic and non-academic events over the years. Public events, in particular, are very interesting because the university is known for its openness to the wider academic community. If you are curious about a particular subject, chances are you can find a Cambridge event to attend. They offer a range of business and maths courses that could benefit leaders, as well as intriguing subjects for anyone who wants to improve their overall knowledge.

The two most notable ones are the Cambridge Science Festival and the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. The former focuses more on scientific discoveries. While there are smaller discoveries and inventions being displayed during the Science Festival, the event usually has several large announcements that shock the world.

The Cambridge Festival of Ideas is even more fascinating. The 2019 event was a huge success. The event features talks by figures like Yoko Ono, Daila Brisly, and bodies such as the City Council’s Children and Young People’s Participatory Services. There are also unique events, which means you have a lot to expect for the 2020 iteration of this annual tradition. They’re great for entrepreneurs who want to learn how other visionaries create their ideas.


University of Chester

Another big name in the academic event landscape is the University of Chester. The University of Chester is not only home to some of the best programs in the country but is also host to top academic events that attract attendees from around the world. Chester has a long list of events that include Open Days, Camps Tours, and the famed English Court.

The University of Chester hosts a lot of public research seminars. You can learn more about upcoming seminars on the university’s official Events page. The University Compare’s guide to the University of Chester also mentions several notable events. You can even find information about what to expect when you visit the campus on the page.

Of course, the University of Chester facilitates big scientific announcements on a regular basis, and these announcements are what have been attracting academics from around the globe to this respected university. If you’re in the scientific market and want to make a splash when announcing a new discovery, the University of Chester is the one to host that announcement.


University College London

Last on the list, we have the University College London. The campus’s strategic location makes UCL the perfect venue for some of the largest academic events in the world. After all, UCL is surrounded by facilities that will pamper attendees to the max. In recent months, however, UCL has been focusing more on virtual events and accepting registrations from international attendees.

The Cancer Institute Seminar Series is one of the largest events hosted by the University College London. The event, as the name suggests, focuses on discoveries in cancer treatments. The Institute of Mental Health Symposium is another big event hosted by UCL. This year, the event will be focusing on young people’s mental health.

University College London also hosts academic events that focus on the betterment of the education system. On top of that, the university plays a big role in encouraging women’s empowerment and hosting pitching sessions for female entrepreneurs.

Ongoing education is essential for everyone, especially business leaders. These are the biggest universities and the many great events that they host on a regular basis. If you are looking for the largest academic event to attend, these universities and their events pages are the ones to look into.