Why Delegating Is So Important


More often than not SMEs are created by an individual and built from very small beginnings. This isn’t always the case but generally, it starts with an idea and an individual running with that idea. Before long however if you have worked hard, and luck is on your side, then the business will be expanding quickly, and more help will be needed. It can be very difficult for business owners to let go of certain aspects of the day-to-day running of the business, and it can be difficult to remove emotion, and trust other people to help with the tasks that are needed. But even though it can be difficult, eventually you will have to allow others to take over areas within your business, this is because you can’t do everything and still move the business forward. It is often said that a business that is able to run without the manager having an input, is a success. This means that the management or business owner can really focus on making improvements and address any business needs. But why is outsourcing so important at times? And how do we manage this scenario?


When it comes to the legal side of a business unless you are a trained solicitor yourself then it is important that you hire corporate lawyers. Harper James solicitors are always keen to give advice and take on legal matters for SMEs so that the business owner can really focus on what is really necessary, and how to take action based on the solicitor’s advice. Corporate law is an incredibly complex, but highly regulated area of business. HJ solicitors have experience in all areas of corporate law, and they discuss their corporate law services here. You might be surprised to know how a corporate law solicitor can help your SME, and you may find yourself wishing you had asked for advice sooner. It doesn’t take much to pick up the phone and ask for a little bit of information and having your very own solicitor on hand if anything should need dealing with, speeds up this process, and cuts out the guesswork. The law is a complex thing. But that does not mean that businesses shouldn’t keep a very close eye on proceedings and that you can just turn a blind eye when it comes to legal obligations. Corporate lawyers are trained to handle any legal situation and will gladly walk you through it every step of the way. So, outsourcing this particular role is unavoidable, and going to save you an awful lot of stress


Since most businesses run on the basis that information can be shared quickly and globally, it is incredibly important that the technical aspect of your business is taken care of. It can be tempting to try and set things up yourself when it comes to a new network, and it can be tempting to take advice or help from the Internet itself. But when it comes to services that your business relies on, and methods of communication that keep your business running on a day-to-day basis, it’s always advisable to make sure that you are taking care of the technical side by hiring Technicians, and IT professionals. Not only does this save time, but in the long term, it can save you money and worry. That peace of mind to know that your software isn’t going to just stop working without any reason, and that downtime is going to be vastly reduced, is priceless.


Although most of us can get by when it comes to creativity, and there are many tools available now that can help you through any tasks that can require some creativity, this is something that your business success could potentially rely on. There is a whole sector of freelancers and professional employees at your fingertips, with portfolios for you to browse, and results to read through. Outsourcing this part of your business could bring massive gains to your profit, if the creativity lands in exactly the right place at the right time. Hiring a marketing team consisting of a graphic designer, and potentially photographers as well as a marketing manager, means you are going to find yourself in a much better position than you would otherwise. Of course, you could watch YouTube videos and absorb information, but it’s worth treating this aspect of your business with care, as to stand out in modern times you have to be more than a little bit creative.


It goes without saying that your own self-care as a business owner is essential and taking time off is going to be something that saves your sanity at times. So, it’s incredibly important that you have a team that you can trust so that when you are unavailable they are able to take the reins and keep the business running. Generally, a second in command, or somebody that has enough experience in the field, and of your business itself, is a recipe for success. The people that can really make a difference, are the ones who genuinely care about the success of the business and have taken it upon themselves to learn as much as possible before it’s even necessary. This extends to not only covering your role but also to make sure that any potential weaknesses or threats to your business are covered whether by technical protection or by having the right people in the right place.

Making sure that your business is well taken care of whether you are there or not, and that you have the best people on the job at all times will enable you to really focus your efforts, and be comfortable on a day-to-day basis. Many business owners joke about running a “tight ship“ but there is something in that, and knowing who to turn to when things aren’t going in the right direction, plus getting help where necessary is the professional way.

Patrick Doherty