Why You Should Outsource Your Playout Services


In the simplest of terms, playout is the transmission of radio or television channels from the broadcaster to the broadcast network that delivers the content to the audience or general public. For employees of the media, entertainment, and technology sector, it is a crucial step in the distribution of media content. It can be operated in-house or outsourced by an external company. Continue reading to find out why you should outsource your playout services.


You can focus on the task at hand

 By outsourcing your playout services, you can free up more time to focus on tasks relating to the daily running of the business. If your unique skillset lies in curating great content, you should pour your energy into doing what you do best. By doing so, you can relax knowing your playout services are in safe hands and be confident in the knowledge that you are delivering a stand-out experience for your customers as well as your employees. This can also allow you to shift the operational burden to a professional playout services specialist and benefit from playout services by companies like Red Bee that are experts in their chosen field.


You can save time and money

By outsourcing your playout services, you can end up saving a considerable amount of time and money. But this can only be achieved by selecting the right supplier. You should avoid contracts that trap you for a number of years and purchase a service that will benefit you in the short-term as well as in the long-term. As with any complex media process, the less experienced you are, the longer it is likely to take you to complete. The entire process can take days, weeks, and even months to complete from start to finish. This time can be better spent on curating the content you intend to stream. With cheaper rates producing low quality results, you must not be tempted to opt for the cheapest option available to you at the time. Instead, shop around for an industry-leading provider and weigh up its pros and cons before making an informed decision.


To keep up with the latest trends

In the media industry, digital advancements can progress at an unprecedented rate. By outsourcing your playout services, you can benefit from the latest technology for less. By working alongside your playout services provider, you can implement a series of processes that can ensure you stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can also choose from speech-to-text features and picture-in-picture graphics to maximise your playout services and thrust your company to new heights.


To prepare for the worst

By outsourcing your playout services to the right provider at the right cost, you can free up more time and money to spend on your company-wide disaster recovery solution. A number of cloud-based playout services also incorporate redundancy and diversity so you can avoid falling victim to several costly and time-consuming mistakes. A disaster recovery solution can provide a wide range of benefits and lead to virtually zero application downtime as well as less data loss. It can also reduce your data footprint by consolidating backup and disaster recovery infrastructure.


As a media company, it may benefit you to outsource your playout services. This can provide a wide range of benefits and allow you to focus on the task at hand, save time and money, keep up with the latest trends, and prepare for the worst. By familiarising yourself with the importance of outsourcing your playout services, you can manage your workflow quickly as well as efficiently.

Akeela Zahair

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