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Best Marketing & Engagement Specialist 2020: Caroline Sumners

Caroline Sumners is a Digital growth strategist & coach helping business owners build profitable businesses. Marketing can feel overwhelming and Caroline is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes make sense of their marketing, helping them to grow using targeted, effective marketing strategies. With 20 years marketing and business building experience, Caroline started her business to support people struggling with their Marketing. Caroline offers marketing solutions, that take a holistic approach to promoting businesses. There are a few ways to work with Caroline:

Marketing Made Simple Club is a supportive business-building community for solo and entrepreneurs. Great if you need marketing training, tools & guidance, productivity and mindset all in one place

The Plan Create Grow Method is for those looking for those that need marketing help and support in a systemised way but are not yet ready to invest in one to one support in 90 days

Additionally For those waning more a more personal and direct approach Caroline offers packages for Social Media and Facebook ads strategy and implementation.

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