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Ground Floor, Suites B-D, The Maltsters,
1-2 Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent
Staffordshire, DE14 1LS

Winner of the Business Elite Awards.

Trapp’d Ltd

Trapp’d Ltd is one of the 2024 winners of the SME Business Elite Awards.

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About Trapp’d Ltd

Best Escape & Rage Rooms Provider 2024

<p>Our Escape Rooms are unique to Trapp’d. Our team of designers hand-craft all of our Escape Rooms in-house to ensure every detail is perfect and every customer can immerse themselves in another world for an hour.</p> <p>Launched in 2016, we now operate multiple venues around the UK and have grown into one of Europe’s largest Escape Room providers.</p> <p>Our DESTROY’D Rage Rooms are the perfect release of stress and tension or just a fun excuse to obliterate everything!</p>
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