Work Dissatisfaction: 25% of Brits are Unhappy with Their Jobs

A recent survey conducted by IONOS SE found that out of 500 British participants, most were discontent with their jobs. So, what are the aspirations of those asked? Participants were aged between 20 to 50, and the results, despite age gaps, all share a common theme; self-employment is the way forward.


Round-up of the study

The ‘British Dreams and Wishes’ business survey asked exactly what it is about their jobs that the participants were unhappy with and dug deep as to what their dream careers would actually be. The most important findings are:

  • Self-employment is the key to happiness: are self-employed people happier than those employed?
  • Lone warriors: The Brits prefer to work alone in self-employment
  • Money honey: Financial reasons hold start-up ideas back
  • Corona: the pandemic has been a lifestyle eye-opener
  • Digitisation: Online presence is becoming increasingly important


For more key facts and results of the study, download the e-book British Dreams and Wishes: A Business Survey here for free.


Women want more acknowledgement in the workplace

The participants of the study were split – 50% were male, and 50% were female. The differences between the sexes and their views on work were evident. Women do not feel seen as equals and consider their working conditions somewhat unfair. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more women than men lost their jobs.

Recognition at work was also a reoccurring theme amongst the female participants, who said that they receive little encouragement in their current careers.

And that’s not the only difference between the male and female participants; 70% of the women stated that a work-life balance was the most essential aspect of their careers, whereas 69% of the men instead stated high income.


Flat hierarchies are not popular

The older participants stated flat hierarchies are irrelevant when considering working conditions. The younger participants believed it was a major contributing factor to their happiness in their careers – along with a high income.


More facts about British working life and the hopes and fears of starting-up

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the workplace and it’s no surprise that employee satisfaction is no longer what it was once. The study explored how to increase employee mentality and looks at the impacts of the pandemic on the working lives of the British people. To find out more, download the free British Dreams and Wishes: A Business Survey.

Akeela Zahair

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