Welsh Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Welsh Enterprise Awards 2017 7 , Cambrian Fuelcard Services Limited specialises in offering fuel card and fuel management solutions to UK businesses. Darren Stockton gives us a breakdown of the services offered by the company, outlining the key attributes he thinks make it such a success. Best Fuel Management Company 2017 In 1993, Cambrian noticed an opportunity to sell its fuel through fuel cards and has been doing so ever since. The company now offers its customers a choice of five different fuel cards, each of which are accepted at over 8000 fuel stations nationwide. Darren outlines the firm’s overall mission, whilst also describing how important it is to the firm that it looks after its clients and staff. “Here at Cambrian, our mission is to offer a range of national fuel card solutions to our clients, with the highest level of customer service, as well as appeasing staff and ensuring they are happy in their roles. The team achieves this by partnering with some of the largest fuel brands in the UK such as Shell and Texaco, and constantly looking for innovative technology to improve our services. “Staff receive regular training, and we also promote personal development and encourage further qualifications. The company employs one of the UK’s best employment, and health and safety consultancy firms to advise us and help protect our staff. We have regular company meetings involving all members of staff including anonymous staff surveys to help us improve and develop our working environment and staff welfare.” Lastly, Darren describes what it is like to work in Wales, particularly in South Wales, calling it home. He notes how this will benefit Cambrian in the future, utilising the expertise of local staff within Wales, as well as highlighting the funding that is available to Welsh businesses. “Ultimately, Wales is a great place to work. South Wales in WEL17010 Contact: Darren Stockton Contact Email: darren@cambriancards.com Address: White Hart House, Tredegar Street, Newport, NP20 2BE, UK Phone: 01633 677 677 Website: www.cambriancards.com particular is home to a growing call centre community with some of the largest UK businesses investing here. Running a small call centre means that we can benefit from the expertise of the local call centre forums as well as experienced and well-trained call centre staff. “A major benefit of working in Wales, funding is available to Welsh businesses to help staff further their education whilst in employment. Cambrian takes advantage of this opportunity and offers various levels of courses to its staff. Many staff members have completed NVQs and some have just completed a Post- Graduate Certificate course with Cardiff Metropolitan University.”

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