British Made Awards 2021

12 | British Made Awards 2021 success is due to their tenacity, their drive and their determination to make the most of the considerable skill that British industry has to offer. We look forward to exploring how the team continue to innovate the audio industry in the weeks and months to come. Company: Tellurium Q Name: Geoff Merrigan Email: Web Address: Excellence must run through every part of an audio system, and for those who want the best turn to the team from Tellurium Q. Their cabling is an audiophile’s dream, ensuring the highest quality at all times. Having achieved success in SME News’ British Made Awards 2021, we thought it time to dig a little deeper and discover more about the firm’s success. All materials in the path of an audio signal act as an electronic filter shifting different transient frequencies relative to one another in the leading and trailing edges of sound reproduction. The team at Tellurium Q have based their business on a model of limiting the effects of this, developing and manufacturing high-end cabling that aims to achieve a more realistic sound for listeners. The results speak for themselves, with competition being overcome through the development of new products. These outperform the old designs to an enormous degree, generating excitement amongst customers and essentially acting as the firm’s marketing. This approach has allowed the small UK company to quickly reach a global market and, surprisingly, are the only audio company to currently hold two consecutive Queen’s Awards for outstanding growth spanning the last six years. The challenges of any new product are clear when considering the supply chain. By manufacturing within the UK, the supply chain is kept incredibly short. Using this as a guiding principle, the team have been able to find a way forward for their company that is ecologically sensible and has a strict control on tolerances and quality. The challenges of maintaining a business that relies on British made products are clear, with the financial path more difficult, but it has proven to be a key to success. The approach of Tellurium Q is based on a small, motivated team run in a very lean manner. Staff turnover is incredibly low because the culture is open and supportive. Tellurium Q has championed an approach where everyone involved in the business can put forward ideas for improving systems or products. As a firm that is not strictly hierarchical, but is, instead one which uses a web structure. The development and production of new products and ideas are Best Audio Enhancement Devices Manufacturer 2021 based on the Kaisen principles of continual small improvements across the board involving all members of staff on this journey. Tellurium Q’s product focus is firmly on the niche of audio cabling where their core competencies are becoming recognised more widely globally which has not limited their growth or development at all. Quite the opposite in fact, now the firm has also begun exploring their presence in rapidly growing areas such as Indonesia, the Philippines and India, to name but a few, with Japan and Vietnam looming on their radar. Although only started 11 years ago, the success of Tellurium Q cannot be denied. Their Sep21291