British Made Awards 2021

British Made Awards 2021 | 11 Best DIY Custom Foam Product 2021 network of professionals that keep each other in stock and informed, securing the best resulting service for Shadow Foam’s own clients. Having pushed through the negative impacts of Covid-19, thanks to its own progressive infrastructure and the fact it was already equipped to support staff in working from home – it felt the frustration of not being able to ship it’s products to clients for a small part of that time when couriers and companies were unable to work, in the knowledge that so many people were at home trying to complete projects and get organised! But other than that, it’s main challenges in the past year have been related to Brexit. Import duties and taxes have become more of an issue for shipping, so the company is now excited to be looking to expand into European and potentially, eventually American fulfilment partnerships in order to overcome those issues for their worldwide customers It’ small team of passionate staff have been a critical part of it’s plans and growth, with a naturally vibrant, supportive and customer-centric work ethic. Plans are currently underway to further extend it’s bank of nationwide retailers to make it easier than ever for their customers to access their products. For now, however, clients can expect to see much more of this friendly and enthusiastic company’s news and updates through its social media and YouTube presence, through which it looks forward to engaging with its customer base new and old. Company: Shadow Foam Ltd Contact: Jonathan Shone Website: