British Made Awards 2022

British Made Awards 2022 | 13 Best Luxury Horse Grooming Products Retailer 2022 With a range of brushes, cosmetics, and other grooming products that ensure horses can be kept looking ‘show ring ready’, Eqclusive is a specialist in equine care. Inviting clients to visit its impeccably designed website, they can benefit from fast and efficient ecommerce, as well as intuitive browsing, special offers through its mailing list, and quick and empathic support through its live chat service. Thus, customers have come to appreciate the open nature of Eqclusive, a company that prides itself on being as exemplary in customer service as its products are in quality. Eqclusive is a brand with a staunch commitment to horses and their owners. When it comes to the care of equine coats, Eqclusive is the home of several exemplary brands that allow equestrians to look after their horses using only the best equipment. Nominally, this range covers everything from HAAS brushes – a brand that has been in operation producing brushes for all aspects of grooming – to Pro Diamond cosmetics, SleekEZ metal bladed brushes, and even Alan Davies’ own range of brushes from his unique all-rounder to his stud brush, curry comb, and mane and tail comb. With each of these outstanding brands under one roof, the owner and founder of Eqclusive – Marta Kotonska – has cultivated pride in the variety of different grooming solutions that it offers, each product being something that Marta herself believes in. Fundamentally, this has meant the creation of a brand that recognises that different horses require different brushes, and that depending on what the groom is for, different brush strengths, textures, and cosmetics will be preferred by the groom or rider in question. Indeed, the grooming packs offered by its different brands have been designed to clean a horse’s coat form the base outwards. This ensures a clean, happy, and showstopping horse. Additionally, these packs contain brushes that are specific to different coat types and colours, and Eqclusive guarantees that an equestrian will be satisfied with the result even without the use of different shampoos or sprays; however, when such products are needed, it is proud to recommend the Pro Diamond range as one of the best on the market. Its ability to offer brushes that groom so effectively they don’t need shampoo – even on greys – has secured Eqclusive its place as a true darling of the market. Critically, each brush also has a unique role in the grooming process. When used correctly, each of its products can improve the overall condition of a horse’s coat, and Eqclusive’s level of research into and accountability for each product it serves has set it apart from other equestrian grooming equipment providers as a result. This, in essence, is how it has built enough of a reputation to stock and sell brushes by world renowned groom Alan Davies, and it looks forward to seeing where such excellence will take it in the future as its trajectory towards further growth continues. Company: Eqclusive Contact: Marta Kotonska Website: Its ability to offer brushes that groom so effectively they don’t need shampoo – even on greys – has secured Eqclusive its place as a true darling of the market.