British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 16 Best Climate Change AI Solutions Company 2023 With offices in London and the Netherlands, NeuerEnergy is a software development company that offers a plug-andplay SaaS platform, designed to streamline the journey to net-zero by helping organisations analyse and plan their efforts to reduce their CO₂ emissions. The company has also launched a platform that aims to drive the sustainability of cities by evaluating their existing and new development projects. Here, we dive into both innovative solutions and the company’s internal operations. In the Carbon Majors report of 2017, it was shown that just 100 companies had been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988, highlighting the need for corporations to mitigate and eliminate the emissions that result from their various activities. Today, the world’s leading companies are working to obtain net-zero in their operations, striving to achieve a balance between the carbon that is emitted into the atmosphere and the carbon that is removed from it. NeuerEnergy was created to join them on this journey, guiding them to reduce their emissions, meet their sustainability targets, and make a positive social impact. Established as part of Microsoft’s ‘AI for Social Impact’ programme, the company’s goal is to leverage technology for social good. NeuerEnergy’s team consists of both data and sustainability experts who have a broad range of specialisms across the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, net-zero, digitisation, digitalisation, analysis of net-zero technology options, carbon reduction planning, scenarios and financial modelling, and risk management. With their expertise, NeuerEnergy has developed the only net-zero platform that leverages both machine learning and artificial intelligence to completely automate carbon accounting, produce fully costed carbon reduction solutions with integrated planning, purchasing, and management, and connect companies to sustainable finance solutions. Available through a flexible, cost-effective, and modular subscription pricing model, NeuerEnergy’s net-zero platform offers a feature-rich end-to-end journey, designed to help users reach their targets. The platform is intuitive, intelligent, and can be tailored to fit in seamlessly with their unique situation. It aims to make their lives easier by assisting them with tasks like data gathering and business impact analysis, as well as project planning, contract negotiation, and monitoring. The NeuerEnergy journey to net-zero begins with analysis. Users can effortlessly combine their carbon reporting on scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions into a single dashboard, view their scientific footprint, create scenarios to identify optimal pathways, and discover relevant technologies that will help them achieve their goals in line with their budget. The next stage of the journey is to plan. In this, NeuerEnergy’s platform enables users to ensure mandatory compliance and declaration based on a scientific approach and global standards. They can create a net-zero programme and manage multiple projects in near-real time, including suppliers and partners. Thirdly, NeuerEnergy’s platform facilitates procurement, enabling users to combine multiple pathways. These can incorporate on-site energy generation, energy storage, EV infrastructure, voluntary and involuntary emissions procurement, and nature or technology-based emissions removal. In this, they can set financial targets, generate standardised bankability, and carry out financial analysis for all procurement decision-making, with streamlined access to funding through the platform. Lastly, the NeuerEnergy net-zero platform can be used to manage the performance of programmes and individual projects dedicated to the mitigation and removal of emissions. Usefully, users will receive alerts and relevant solutions to any events that could jeopardise their progress. The platform can also be used to gain operational insights based on future scenarios, supporting forward planning. When managing their net-zero projects with NeuerEnergy’s platform, organisations can easily remain compliant with scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions targets and declarations, including TCFD, SBTi, IFRS, and more. They can also effectively manage all credentials and certificates that demonstrate their transparency and show that they deliver on their promises. Moreover, NeuerEnergy also offers a Sustainable Smart City solution. With almost two thirds of the world’s population expected to be living in urban areas by 2030, cities are likely to face increasing challenges related to poverty, environmental degradation, poor air and water quality, and more. The company’s smart city platform is designed to evaluate existing and new development projects in urban areas in relation to these issues, utilising a balanced approach based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Environmental, Social, and Governance guidelines, and metrics like time, quality, cost, and ROI. As a UK-based business, NeuerEnergy is proud to attract some of the nation’s best talent to its development and commercial teams, striving to be an employer of choice in the industry. Where possible, it hires new team members based on recommendation from existing staff members, seeking to leverage their diverse networks. By maintaining high brand awareness and leadership in its field, the company is able to select top talent who are culturally aligned with its values. Internally, it strives to emphasise the importance of these values through displays, performance reviews, quality manuals, role modelling, and leadership.