British Made Awards 2023

the business. To this end, the company offers staff the opportunity to earn qualifications that they may not have had the resources to acquire previously. It also provides them with the chance to receive professional independent financial advice. With this support, they can save money, structure their home finances, and plan their pensions more effectively, helping them succeed in the years to come. It is evident that KBH Building Services truly values its workforce, treating them as individuals and rewarding them fairly for their excellent work. This culture sets the company apart from other big organisations, ensuring phenomenal success and satisfaction amongst its team. As a result, no one has left the company in the past three years; instead, its team continues to grow in size and strength. Overall, for KBH Building Services, it is not enough to just be financially profitable. The company wants to add value in everything it does. For this reason, it takes a triple bottom line approach to measuring its success, meaning that it not only uses the traditional financial method but also considers the environmental impact of its activities and the social value of its work. For example, KBH Building Services believes that it has a social duty to fulfil by ensuring that community members no longer have to suffer from poor fire safety measures and poor security measures. For this reason, when replacing an old doorset with a new one, it always works to make sure that the product will keep residents safe by preventing the entry of intruders and the spread of fire. This, together with its social responsibility programme, ensures that the company’s social bottom line is also "profitable". In terms of the environment, KBH Building Services is committed to reducing waste, recycling materials where possible, replacing old vehicles with newer electric ones, using IT algorithms to optimise routes and reduce travel, and inspecting the supply chain for more sustainable materials. Furthermore, the company is in the process of adding solar panels to its manufacturing sites to ensure that all energy used is green. As a result of its continued excellence in all areas of business, KBH Building Services has been named Most Trusted Timber Window & Door Manufacturer in the British Made Awards 2023. In the future, the company continues to focus on its technology projects as well as its social and environmental efforts. We are delighted to congratulate KBH Building Services on its success in this awards programme and look forward to seeing what its future holds. Contact: George Karaargirov Company: KBH Building Services Ltd Web Address: