CEO of the Year Awards 2023

SME News- CEO of the Year Awards 2023 | 16 Most Innovative Cloud Computing & Software Development CEO – UK Smile IT Solutions offers a wide range of services that help us in achieving our business goals. From intricate cloud-native software development to bespoke cloud computing solutions, data solutions to integrating systems, and more. Smile IT Solutions ensures that anyone can receive the help they need at any time through their dedication and first-class partnerships. Here, we delve into Smile IT Solutions and its very own Ed Soltani (Founder & CEO), who has been honoured with a prestigious title at our CEO of the Year Awards 2023. Commencing its journey as a software development and IT services company and expanding into the world of cloud computing – alongside contributing to the overall modernisation of many industries in UK – Smile IT Solutions has rapidly appeared as one to watch within its field. The company consistently meets and surpasses expectations so that its clients can maximise the potential of their valuable data, time, and finances. Targeting the modernisation of legacy systems for various public establishments and government institutions, enhancing software development and cloud computing services, as well as digitally transforming many SMEs across the UK, Smile IT Solutions simplifies complex issues. Its forward-thinking, driven, and creative team continuously explores new avenues to align technological advancements with a fast-paced business landscape. The company is now diligently serving the public sector by delivering bespoke, comprehensive solutions to a multitude of clients. Operating as a one-stop-shop for all our IT-related needs, the company offers IT services and support, software development, cloud computing consultation and services. Its work guarantees excellence through experience and robust partnerships. By crafting tailored solutions to cater to diverse needs at various times, the firm has proven a solid reputation within its domain. Furthermore, Smile IT Solutions’ personalised approach to each client ensures that its work addresses every conceivable pain point. By tackling challenges head-on and cutting obstacles, Smile IT Solutions creates new growth opportunities for its clients. Specialising in custom-built software solutions and cloud-native applications, the company enables businesses to run cost-effectively. “Built with you in mind.” Meet Ed Soltani, the award-winning CEO of Smile IT Solutions, who plays a pivotal role in the success of the firm. Under Ed's leadership, the team at Smile IT Solutions has received the guidance necessary to develop and deliver essential technology solutions. A strong yet empathetic leader like Ed is indispensable for navigating the challenges that businesses face. The entire team at Smile IT Solutions relies on Ed's wisdom, down-to-earth approach, and drive for excellence. Together, they form an unbreakable unit – with Ed leading a team of high-speed, adaptable individuals crucial to the overall success of the business. The partnerships cultivated by Ed and his team with major vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google Cloud, Dell, Lenovo, Zebra, Apple, Bytes, Ingram Micro and more, along with being ISO 9001, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified, are a testament to the company’s exceptional work. Establishing strong partnerships with a diverse range of clients daily, weekly, and yearly underscores the deeprooted expertise of Smile IT Solutions. The team at Smile IT Solutions is made up of technologically savvy individuals who are dedicated to using their expertise to help others. Ed's leadership style revolves around fostering continuous learning and skill enhancement among his team members. He consistently looks to deepen his knowledge on various subjects to stay abreast of emerging trends, keep his team's skills updated, and provide top-notch services to “Powering Your Potential.”