CEO of the Year Awards 2023

those in need. In 2024 and beyond, Ed aims to build on his success by nurturing relationships both within his team and externally. By creating an environment conducive to growth within Smile IT Solutions and for its clients, Ed's leadership continues to drive true innovation in an everevolving industry. As the company gears up to venture into the healthcare industry under Ed's guidance, introducing new and improved technology systems for healthcare services such as private care, care homes, and pharmacy operations and nurses is a key focus area for Smile IT Solutions. The team passionately believes in how their skills can enhance and streamline healthcare processes. “Innovate. Transform. Thrive.” Whether through automated or integrated systems, Smile IT Solutions is poised to save money, time, and effort for healthcare providers – leading to more efficient and cost-effective services while reducing stress for employees in this sector. At its core, Smile IT Solutions delivers invaluable services and solutions to complex challenges so that we can achieve best IT infrastructure for our business ventures. We predict seeing Smile IT Solutions continue to empower a wide range of businesses and individuals to achieve greater success year after year. Here is to the enduring success of the company and its entire team, particularly Founder and CEO Ed Soltani as he consistently sets new benchmarks for leadership. “Contact Smile IT Solutions today to embark on a revolutionary transformation journey with exceptional cloud computing and software development expertise!” Contact: Ed Soltani Company: Smile IT Solutions Web Address: Phone Number: 08081681400