CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Having long since become a renowned partner when it comes to the development of various fashion and sports brands, Pace Partnership London boasts a wealth of expertise just waiting to be explored. Whether it’s assisting regional brands, or guiding retailers through international development, the collective thrives when supporting those who are in dire need of a little boost. In short, Pace Partnership London specialises in supporting brands and retailers in the UK market, helping them to connect with the APAC market. One prime example comes in the form of its work with Itochu, one of the biggest trading companies in Japan, and how it played a crucial role in creating opportunities across the two markets. Yet, without the combined brilliance of both its team and CEO Ryan Llewellyn-Pace, Pace Partnership London wouldn’t be in the position it finds itself in today. In fact, the experience that Ryan beings to the practise is a key contributor to the collective’s overarching success. As CEO of Pace Partnership London, as well as Chairman of Hay Life – a premium unisex lifestyle fashion brand – Ryan has spent his years establishing a unique leadership style that allows him to remain versatile in such a rapidly-changing environment. Ryan looks to promote the idea that some traditions are made to be broken, and underpins each of his areas of work with this very notion. Though his personal capabilities are beyond exemplary, Ryan turns attention towards his team. He expresses how he is “…an inclusive leader, who strongly believes that the power of the team is greater than the power of any individual…” and he carries this mindset throughout each endeavour. Not only does he understand the necessity of bringing together like-minded, yet varying, individuals, but he also goes the extra mile to foster continuous growth across each member of his team. In order for a company to thrive, so too must its people, and Ryan is an avid believer in this message. Ryan further details how he integrates this into his leadership style – “My style is one that encourages continuous development for individuals – allowing them to focus on developing their strengths so that we can be the best of what we can be collectively.” This passion for enhancing the capabilities of those around him is what makes Ryan such a unique CEO. As opposed to only working on his own goals, he instead takes into account the diverse needs of his team, and formulates strategies that would best enrich their own skillsets. In Ryan’s eyes, there’s nothing more important than supporting and training the next generation of leaders, and he has ensured that both Pace Partnership London and Hay Life are fully equipped to uplift the industry frontrunners of tomorrow. Whether he’s offering training courses, or actively assisting in speaker development, Ryan has never faltered in his pursuit of passing on what he has learned to those that will follow in his footsteps. Ryan Llewellyn-Pace is a CEO and Chairman whose passion for his roles is reflected in each interaction he has. Be it with clients or colleagues, his determination to forge a foundation for the upcoming leaders of the new age is unrelenting, resulting in a leadership style unlike anything we have witnessed before. Here at SME News, we are proud to present Ryan with this award title, and we hope that it can help him to invest even more of himself into those who need it the most. Contact: Ryan Llewellyn-Pace Company: Pace Partnership London Ltd Web Address: Adept in leveraging its innate talent for supporting C-Suite clients with strategy development, marketing, and distribution planning within the fashion and sport industry, Pace Partnership London has become one of the most reliable entities in its field. Not only has it worked alongside some of the country’s largest retailers, namely the Frasers Group, but its skillset has also extended to up and coming brands who deserve their time in the spotlight. Heading the company is none other than Ryan Llewellyn-Pace, who equips himself with exceptional insight in order to garner results. Global Fashion & Sport Consultancy CEO of the Year - UK