CEO of the Year Awards 2023

SME News- CEO of the Year Awards 2023 | 22 LGBT-Plus Film Production CEO of the Year - UK Proud to be known as the home of authentic, on-screen sapphic stories, Lesflicks is a film production company who specialises in showing off the beauty of lesbian love. Whether it’s providing shorts, features, or series, Lesflicks remains committed to giving audiences an insight into genuine sapphic love stories. Not only does it support members of the LGBTQIA+ community – be it audiences or filmmakers – but, as a Lesbianowned business, Lesflicks knows exactly how to portray the sapphic representation that film enthusiasts have been craving. Any person under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella will tell you that, when it comes to sapphic representation, there are very few authentic portrayals of lesbian love. It’s an issue that has plagued the film industry for decades, and still does to this day. What little on-screen sapphic representation we get is often overlooked, or shrouded in the lens of the male gaze. Little time is given to lesbian pairings to showcase their relationships in a genuine manner, leaving many audience members feeling as though their demographic is being completely omitted from media as a whole. Enter Lesflicks, Naomi Bennett’s response to the frustratingly small pool of legitimate lesbian love stories. Having long since recognised the pitfalls of the media industry, and how it has let sapphic individuals down time and time again, Naomi created Lesflicks to bring new hope to the underrepresented. By giving lesbian filmmakers a platform upon which they can upload short films, features, or sapphic serialisations, Naomi forged the first step forward that the on-screen media scene had taken in years. Now, Lesflicks is the go-to independent platform for any hoping to engage with compelling sapphic stories that promise to uphold unwavering authenticity. By subscribing to Lesflicks’ services, users can expect to be treated to a selection of sapphic representation unlike anything that mainstream media platforms can offer. Its catalogue is brimming with content to consume, and each subscription directly contributes to the success of the filmmakers who are solely concerned with creating more sapphic content for audiences. Lesflicks is more than just a streaming platform – it’s a safe hub for LGBTQIA+ individuals to see themselves on screen, possibly for the first time in their lives. This alone defines Lesflicks as something truly special. Lesbian audiences needn’t settle for bare bones representation, and Lesflicks’ heart beats with the hope that it can deliver more content than some of the biggest media platforms. The phrase ‘quality over quantity’ is one that is widely known, no matter who you are. And yet, Lesflicks manages to consistently deliver a myriad of sapphic film projects to its audience, all while maintaining an exceptional level of quality. Both in terms of storytelling and cinematography, in addition to authenticity, Lesflicks’ platform is always updating with new enthralling content for audiences to enjoy. As such, there’s never a lapse in content, allowing people to remain engaged with lesbian love stories that consistently represent the very real side of a sapphic relationship. It’s refreshing to see, and demonstrates that portraying a lesbian couple on-screen can, and should, be done far more often than it is in mainstream media. Naomi Bennett has accomplished something that, until now, no other mainstream platform has achieved – her influence has brought in a new age of sapphic representation that the LGBTQIA+ community has been desperately crying out for. In creating Lesflicks, she has encouraged audiences to engage with genuine stories that help to support members of the community in the process. Finally, lesbians, whether confident in or questioning their sexuality, can turn to a platform that’s only interested in telling their stories. For that, we couldn’t be more pleased to feature both Naomi Bennett and Lesflicks in the CEO of the Year Awards 2023. Contact Details Contact: Naomi Bennett Company: Lesflicks Web Address: