Energy & Power Awards 2019

16 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Avidety specialises in the refurbishment and construction of overhead and underground electricity distribution networks. With countless accolades under their belt, we caught up with Jon Phillips who showcased the innerworkings of the award-winning firm and how they are on a mission to be a leading light within their respected industry. Since their inception in 2014, Avidety has been on a mission to become the distribution network contractor of choice. The firm’s award-winning approach is to ensure that Avidety have an engaged workforce, which will be massively beneficial to the company in the long run. The benefits of engaging with employees, is that an engaged team member who is committed and cares about both their work and their company will perform to higher standards. Going into further detail about the dedicated team, Jon begins by informing us of significant role each Avidety employee plays in the overall success of the firm. “At Avidety, we believe our success comes from a culture of continuous improvement and commitment to delivering on our promises. All our employees set out with the mindset to ‘do what we say, with no compromise’, ensuring that all work is undertaken safely with no quality issues and fantastic customer service at the core of what we do. “With our staff engagement, external recognition and training programme, we expect operational excellence from all of our teams. However, we still sample test our systems by using a variety of auditing tools. Due to our auditing tools having measurable outputs, we are able to address any concerns by offering solutions and improvements in real time. This complements our culture of continuous improvement supporting our goal of becoming the distribution network contractor of choice.” Over the years, the services Avidety has provided to clients have been critical to the firm’s own ambitions, as they are offered contracts based on their ability to deliver. Each client the firm works alongside requires an exemplary safety record, high quality work and excellent customer service, as Jon explains. “During 2019, we will have trained numerous employees on a wide range of skills, ranging from electrical competencies through to NRSWA (Street works) at a cost exceeding £85K. Our view is to be ready for potential new business by training our teams to a very high standard. In turn, this will allow us to mobilise extremely quickly, due to us having the ability to support additional staff during labour increases with little impact on the business’ ability to perform. “Being a young small business, we have had to compete with larger corporate business with ‘deeper pockets’ throughout the years. However, to our credit, we have outperformed all others in our area.” Ultimately, the future looks bright for the team at Avidety. With a number of exciting projects in the pipeline for Avidety, Jon signs off by revealing the approach the team will take to ensure that they achieve their mission of being the distribution network contractor of choice in the years to come. “Looking ahead, we have a clear road map for the immediate and long term with ambitions of wining works with other DNO’s such as Western Power Distribution and SSE. In addition to this, our ‘3-to-Zero’ campaign will continue to target three critical areas, which we believe will prove to be the enabler for unparalleled results; Zero Customer Complaints, Zero Defects and of course Zero Incidents. “Overall, we truly believe that Avidety offers a service that will far surpass that of other Best Electricity Distribution Network Construction Company 2019 “Being a young small business, we have had to compete with larger corporate business with ‘deeper pockets’ throughout the years. However, to our credit, we have outperformed all others in our area.” service providers in terms of quality, delivery and customer satisfaction. We understand that customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to our clients and will be even more so as we enter the RIIO-ED2 period.” Company: Avidety Web Address: