Energy & Power Awards 2019

17 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Lacus Resources Limited: Best Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy – Scotland & Award for Distinction in Clean Energy Project Consulting 2019 A young entrant to the market, Lacus Resources Limited was formed to apply strategic and innovative thinking to address the challenges posed by the current state of the energy industry. In celebration of its win in this year’s Energy and Power Awards, we profile the firm and explore how it is being driven towards even greater innovation. Initially formed in 2016 to provide specialist geoscience, geotechnical and project management services to the offshore energy sector, Lacus Resources now supports a wide range of energy businesses across their full project lifecycles ranging from oil and gas to geothermal power as well as key UK offshore windfarms. For this diverse range of clients, the firm applies strategic and innovative thinking to address many of the challenges currently facing the energy industry. Lacus Resources’ principal technical expertise relates to geological and geotechnical engineering as well as supporting the successful management of projects. When working on any project, the firm’s approach is to apply expertise and knowledge developed in the oil and gas industry to a variety of renewable energy sectors, empowering experienced knowledgeable personnel and associates to use their skills in new and innovative ways. The company operates in a socially responsible way and are committed to developing in-house skills, mentoring and encouraging the next generation. Led and managed by Helen Taylor, the firm draws on her expertise and market knowledge to achieve success on every project. Helen is a geologist, geotechnical engineer and project manager with over 15 years of international energy industry experience covering six continents and twelve countries. She holds a BSc from University of St. Andrews in Geoscience, an MSc from Royal Holloway College, University of London in Basin Evolution and Dynamics and an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering with Merit from the University of Dundee. Helen also holds the IPMA Level D Project Management qualification, is a Fellow of the Geological Society and a guest lecturer at the University of St. Andrews. Prior to creating Lacus Resources, Helen gained extensive experience working with a wide variety of international operators and consultancies, covering a diverse range of oil and gas projects as well as renewable energy ventures. She is passionate about energy and is committed to leveraging her skills to aid the UK’s sustainable and responsible development throughout the energy transition. As such, she drives Lacus Resources towards constant excellence by combining a mixture of traditional techniques with up to date technologies determined on a case by case basis. By employing project management best practice and principles to manage workloads, Helen and her team are able to ensure that deliverables are achieved, despite the potential for changing priorities and emergent high priority tasks often with conflicting requirements. Since its inception Lacus Resources has worked tirelessly to establish capacity and to build a diverse and sustainable project backlog. This methodology has enabled it to extend its focus towards the development of further innovations and industrial collaborations that have the potential to contribute to society’s energy needs in a net zero carbon and circular economy system. Working closely with clients to produce long-term partnerships, the firm is constantly exploring the future and aiming to offer solutions that will meet tomorrow’s needs, today. Moving forward, Lacus Resources will be developing new partnerships to evolve new service offerings within the energy sector as well as looking to enter new markets. Currently, the firm is working towards developing a number of gas to wire projects in collaboration with Sinclair Marine Limited, as well as supporting its existing clients within the offshore energy sector. As part of the development of its services the firm is increasing its profile in terms of business development and marketing to promote business growth. Such developments will ensure that the company evolves and maintains pace with the ever-changing energy market throughout the coming years. Web Address: Email: