Energy & Power Awards 2019

34 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Words by Mike Kaye, Managing Director and Jeremy Dunford, following the recognition of Energy Oasis as ‘Best Smart Low Energy Lighting Solutions Provider 2019’ in the Energy & Power Awards. Energy Oasis is a company that, on its own, specialises in smart (Intelligent) low energy lighting solutions, as well as intelligent and intuitive BMS and heating infrastructure. However, its true focus is on supporting businesses, third sector and local government organisations to work towards being energy self sufficient, carbon neutral and, ideally, carbon reducing. Therefore, our work with companies is both bespoke to each site and also draws on specialist partners with products involved in wind and solar power generation, battery storage and most recently, IT energy use reduction. The Experts In Zero Carbon Solutions fix (often cheapest option) but give an explanation of the pros and cons of each option, including our preferred one. Our options include: • Energy efficiency (behaviour) • Carbon reduction • Energy Monitoring • Energy Generation • Energy Storage • Electrical Vehicle Charging (EVC) • Independent Energy Brokerage Ultimately, our preferred option will always be the one that is best value for money over time and not a quick fix. Our client then makes the informed decisions that best suits their business model and environmental ethics. We hope that the information we provide combined with the product and service we offer encourages them to make the decision that makes best business and environmental decision. To ensure we have the best options available to our clients we have secured partnerships with other companies, all British, and most in the north of England. This means that we are now able to offer an immediate integrated solution to our clients incorporating wind, solar and biomass energy generation. We can combine this offer with energy storage and finance options to ensure that all our clients can find an affordable solution. The financial offer includes an Energy Services Contract which involves our funding all the work and then retaining any saving until the capital investment has been recouped, after which our client continues to benefit in the long run. “We can’t guarantee we’ll give you the cheapest quote, but we will give the quote that saves you the most in terms of energy, carbon usage, and maintenance over time.” The ideal collaboration with a client is to develop a long-term plan that allows staged developments based in an on-going analysis of energy use. These developments should provide value for money as well as reduce energy consumption. Opportunities for energy generation should be planned alongside this, using those that best suit the site and (but, not solely to) take advantage of invective schemes where available that result in a reduced call on the National Grid. This ambition is encapsulated in the name of the company: the aspiration to make every client an ‘Energy Oasis’ amongst a network of other oasis’s that result in a reduced call on the national network, making it the back up rather than the main provider. The company stands out from our competitors in a number of key ways. The first is our preferred product is not always the cheapest. We focus on long term value for money for our client rather than offering a quick saving that is lost in long term maintenance and replacement costs. We offer our clients a full range of options including the quick Energy Oasis BEFORE AFTER