Energy & Power Awards 2019

35 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards “Every single customer we work with reduces their energy consumption and often starts storing and generating energy. We do so by offering long term solutions and long-term gains. We do not offer the quick fix as a preferred option because this is not good for long term sustainability. The question to all companies and businesses is about long-term sustainability and ever-increasing reduction of energy usage and reduction of carbon footprint.” Perhaps crucially, we are not tied to any energy provider or product. This means that we can keep checking the market and products available to give the best advice to our customers. Our partner companies may have their own preferred product or product for sale, but we do not limit ourselves to them. We have chosen these partners because we believe their product is a good value and good for the environment. Also, by being linked to an energy provider we would be in conflict with their business model. Energy providers wish to sell as much energy as possible and we want our clients to buy as little energy as is possible. We will check the market and suggest energy packages that are the best value for money, using the most truly green energy possible (a balance of the these, not to the exclusion of one) so that the energy they do buy is as cheap as is possible. Where they are selling energy to the grid (either directly or from stored surplus energy) we will help them get the best price for it. Finally, we work well with the smaller ‘non-sexy’ projects. Waste disposal sites do not look good on anybody’s front page, but they have a lot of potential for having an impact on energy usage and carbon production/reduction. Energy use is 24 hours a day, often in large sites that can house solar and wind. Waste brought to the site includes waste that can go into an anaerobic digester and wood waste that could be processed to make pellets for biomass systems. The sites are often one of many and so a multi-site model can be created. These sites can become clean energy producers whilst reducing the waste that has to go to landfill. Going forward we want to start working more closely with businesses and organisations that own sites such as industrial estates, manufacturing and other commercial properties to develop zero carbon micro grids where energy generation becomes part of their business diversification planning. The Experts in Low Energy Lighting Solutions