Energy & Power Awards 2019

4 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards Deeply committed to helping all sectors of business save on their energy bills, the Energy Desk (TED) is an experienced energy service provider, accredited by UK and ROI energy suppliers. As part of our overview of some of this year’s Energy and Power Awards winners we felt it was important to showcase the incredible success of this dynamic company, which was awarded not one but two of these prestigious accolades for its hard work and dedication to client satisfaction. Best Middle Market Energy Procurement Company 2019 & Business Energy Solutions Advisory of the Year For any business, one of the most important requirements to ensure everything is working at maximum efficiency is for the consumption information to be presented as a meaningful metric. This will mean for most businesses, a need for energy consumption relative to actual production. With many businesses struggling to achieve efficiency in their energy consumption, the need for experienced and dedicated partners in the industry is higher than ever. One such collaborator is TED, which since its inception has been dedicated to driving efficiency in the cost and provision of energy throughout the business market. Created in 2006, TED has since risen to become a key player in today’s energy procurement space, offering an extensive range of services including procurement, CHP systems to help businesses reduce energy costs, energy services and renewables, management and metering, consultancy and engineering design. Proudly independent, the firm works collaboratively with customers, partners, and suppliers to manage and exceed expectations, offering independent advice on what will best enhance business energy solutions while saving costs. By avoiding ties to any specific business, TED is able to ensure that its corporate clients receive truly unbiased, experienced advice that delivers the results they need. Collaboration is key to this success, and as such TED is a great believer in building great relationships with everyone that its team deal with on a day-to-day basis. This expert team continually source new suppliers, products, innovative ideas and technologies to ensure an all-round service for many organisations throughout the corporate landscape.