Energy & Power Awards 2019

3 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards 31. Utility Source Limited: Best for New Build Utility Connectivity Consultancy 2019 32. TSP Engineering: Best Nuclear Engineering Company 2019 & Award for Excellence in Sustainable Alternative Energy 34. Energy Oasis: Best Smart Low Energy Lighting Solutions Provider 2019 36. Paul Traub Associates Limited: Best Nuclear Safety Assessment Company - England 37. Lake Street Consulting Ltd: Best Energy Project Consultancy - South England 38. Water Fuel Engineering Limited: Leading Developer of Oxy-Hydrogen Applications & Most Innovative Water Fuel Technology: HydroGen™ 40. EcoSecurities: Best Carbon Asset Development & Emissions Reduction Consultancy – UK 41. Energy & Utility Skills: Best Energy & Utility Skills Talent Attraction Initiative 2019 42. Your Environment Ltd: Best Piling Mat & Crane Position Plate Testing Company 43. Abm Utility Solutions Ltd: Best Utility Revenue Protection Specialists 2019 44. Event Water Ltd: Best Event Fresh Water Solutions Provider 2019 45. Utility Bidder: Best Business Utilities Comparison Service 2019 - England 46. GEM ENERGY – For Business Group: Best Energy Management Services Provider 2019 47. Heliex Power Limited: Most Innovative CleanTech Company 2019 Subscribe here: A quarterly digital publication aimed at those who own, run or assist in the running of small and medium-sized businesses within the UK. SME News, by way of its digital magazine, website and social media outlets, provides a valuable tool to SMEs and their leaders for running their business day to day, seeking the best advice and for growing and succeeding in their endeavours.