Energy & Power Awards 2019

40 | SME NEWS - 2019 Energy & Power Awards EcoSecurities: Best Carbon Asset Development & Emissions Reduction Consultancy - UK Launched in 2005, EcoSecurities is a veteran in climate policy, energy and carbon markets and renewable energy projects being developed worldwide. With a wide range of clients, and a wide range of services on offer, we caught up with Pablo Fernandez to find out more. As far as Pablo and EcoSecurities are concerned, the point of no return for climate change is approaching fast, and new ways must be explored to stop it. ‘Decarbonisation of energy systems is one of the main strategies for that,’ he says. Decarbonisation means reducing, and eventually removing, carbon dioxide emissions. Pablo is particularly impressed with the UK’s approach to decarbonisation. ‘This year for the first time we had many days in a row when the UK managed to attend its demand without any coal plant in operation.’ It’s not quite enough, but the UK are moving forward quicker than before with special emphasis on solar and biomass technologies. Looking ahead, EcoSecurities plans to take a more active part in the areas of waste recovery and recycling. This is to help tackle the increasing problem of waste plastics and other pollutants. Already, the company is involved in the development and implementation of plastic credit systems, and how these systems connect to Extended Product Responsibility policies, such as those in the UK. Brexit has proven an interesting case for EcoSecurities, affecting any conversation about UK power markets. This is because the UK power system is directly linked to the EU with a ‘We believe that the point of no return in climate change is very near, and we are stepping up and taking actions to prevent this outcome,’ says Pablo Fernandez, Managing Director of EcoSecurities. With a portfolio that contains over 100 projects, it’d be hard to argue they aren’t committed to the cause. They offer a sea-change in the emissions of greenhouse gases, with the reduction of 35 million tonnes of CO 2 potentially reduced until 2020, and an additional 35 million tonnes to 2030. EcoSecurities manage this by having many different types of clients, ranging from SMEs to large multinational corporations to multilateral bodies to governments. Each requires a different skillset and set of services. ‘We choose to see clients as partners,’ Pablo explains. ‘We aim to promote solutions that are win-win, with all the parties involved recognising the value added for them and for the society.’ Solutions vary, depending on the field, but EcoSecurities can offer a range of services to match their range of clients. Covering everything from carbon projects management and GHG inventory services, marketing and trading of carbon credits, they have it covered by a highly skilled and passionate team. ‘We are a mission driven company,’ says Pablo, ‘and our passionate and motivated staff is what makes our company great. We have the best, most experienced, most creative and most determined people working together towards improving the world we live in.’ The passion of this staff is helped by the international approach to the company. With a UK base in Oxford, but main headquarters in Geneva, EcoSecurities can take advantage of its international network to ensure SMEs and large corporations in the UK have the most updated information from various carbon markets and energy industry regulations. The data that is made available internationally means that the company have local knowledge in all five continents. lot of energy trade and indirectly linked to carbon markets and other energy and environmental regulations. With their presence in Ireland, Luxembourg and Switzerland, EcoSecurities intends to help UK companies adapt to potential implications related to Brexit. 2019 and 2020 look to be decisive years for climate negotiations. EcoSecurities is deeply involved in this work. With plans for the team to be present at the next COP, a climate change conference hosted in Chile and constantly participating in carbon market events, giving out the latest information about the aviation carbon markets, EU ETS and new international markets, it’s clear that they are an active and visible presence in the world of emissions reduction. Their worldwide influence will mean that the UK remains connected to a global problem, and still able to make a difference. Contact: Pablo Fernandez Website: