Family Business Awards 2022

10 | Family Business Awards 2022 HMRC, and is able to adopt the appropriate tactics to settle any tax investigation. A further area of specialisation is the preparation of valuation reports for unquoted businesses, either for tax purposes, or in connection with matrimonial proceedings. The principal of Ritchie Phillips, Stuart Ritchie, has prepared reports in divorce proceedings and has personal experience of giving evidence in Court. No two clients are the same, but as a family business, the Ritchie Phillips team understands all too well the importance of family and family time. Whilst it is difficult for any individual to compartmentalise the different areas of their life, the approach of Ritchie Phillips means that they can offer a depth and breadth of experience that supports and takes account of all areas. This awareness of what people need has led the team to encourage working from home since the pandemic. A more flexible working approach has meant that the team has been able to meet personal commitments as well as providing the high quality service that customers have become accustomed to. Many of the team have been with the firm for many years, and this is because they are happy, engaged and enjoy the variety of their roles. Looking ahead, the digitalisation of the tax and accounting industry and the advances of artificial intelligence seem certain to have an enormous impact on how the business operates. The higher level of real time reporting should lead to better decision making and a more effective and efficient business environment. The team at Ritchie Phillips have already taken advantage of the trend, using digital platforms to support their clients. Accountants have got to be prepared to adapt to future developments and act fast to stay at the forefront of what they deliver. As the firm continues to grow, so too shall the team serving the clients who rely on their expert knowledge and advice. Having seen them rise to the top in SME News’ Family Business Awards 2022, we’re sure that they will thrive for many years yet to come. Company: Ritchie Phillips, Chartered Accountants Name: Stuart Ritchie Telephone: 0203 195 1300 Email: Web Address: Accountancy and tax advice should take a holistic approach. The team at Ritchie Phillips, Chartered Accountants has always seen the whole where others see but a part. This attitude has ensured they have been the accountants of choice for clients across a wide spectrum of needs. In SME News’ Family Business Awards 2022, the team were proud to be recognised for their achievements. We dug a little deeper to uncover more. When the Ritchie Phillips team takes on a client, they make sure that they work with them as opposed to for them. Their specialist nature means that they are able to seamlessly work alongside other professional providers to guarantee a solution that works for all. No matter how complex or diverse a client’s affairs, they are able to protect, maintain, and grow their private wealth both in the UK and overseas. The team’s work focuses primarily on specialist accountancy and tax advice in five areas, these being private clients and private wealth, entrepreneurs and growing businesses, non domiciliaries, non-residents and overseas wealth, and tax disputes and investigations. The team’s combination of specialist skills and experience allows them to serve clients with bespoke solutions. Key to their success, however, has been the time taken to understand the nature of their businesses, their interests and their aims. From this complete picture, industry specific support can be offered alongside an individual strategy. Accounts tell individuals and businesses where they are. The insight of Ritchie Phillips allows them to focus on the future. Many individuals and business owners have had to face down the awkward situation of being investigated by HMRC. These investigations don’t just require experience of the tax rules and procedures, but care must be taken to ensure that when HMRC is involved, the scope of the enquiry is both clear and contained. In some cases, HMRC can go beyond its legal powers and overreach itself to the detriment of a taxpayer. The Ritchie Phillips team both understands the approach and objectives of Best Specialist Accountancy & Tax Service Company - South East