Finance Awards 2019

20 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 Debt collection is a major headache for local authorities, with vast sums of money often given up as ‘uncollectable’ and with systems put in place seemingly designed to allow debtors to fail. JTR Collections does something different, which we learned more about when we caught up with Tracey Stone who revealed the firm’s success. Best Professional Debt Collection Agency 2019 JTR Collections Established in 2010, JTR Collections has proven itself to be very different to other debt collection agencies. With operations across multiple local authorities, this company has managed to recover over £10,500,000 of debt, much of it declared uncollectable by other companies. This, they say, is because of their alternate approach to helping debtors to collect their debts when compared to larger organisations. ‘Although we endeavour to collect payment in full, we understand that this may not be a possibility for some people,’ Tracey tells us. ‘We are happy to work with debtors to agree repayment arrangements that are appropriate for the company and the client, but that are also manageable for the debtor, at the same time as keeping up to date with their current bills.’ This sympathetic approach to debt management is a far cry from the traditional image of a bailiff knocking down your door and taking what valuable items they can. ‘We feel that it is important for debtors to have a complete understanding of the circumstances surrounding their debt and we work closely with our clients to make sure that we are able to answer any queries that the debtor may have.’ By working to build this relationship with a client and with debtors, Tracey feels that JTR Collections establish a trust that breaks the cycle of debt. It lets both sides know their importance to the company and puts JTR Collections in a position of being able to advise to best recover as much money as possible. The process of recovery is built on gaining trust. A series of bespoke letters and phone calls establish the relationship with debtors on behalf of a client. Trained negotiators are on hand to get a payment in full, but will gain the astute understanding needed of a debtor’s circumstances to know when a payment plan will have better results. At the end of the day, JTR Collections do their best to ensure that as much money makes it back into the pockets of their clients as possible. ‘We often receive feedback that it is our understanding and helpful approach that gives our debtors a sense that they are being listened to, which encourages them to want to work with us to clear their debt and this is how we are able to return such excellent results to our clients.’ Working for local authorities across the country, collecting unpaid Council Tax, Business Rates and Overpaid Housing Benefit, JTR Collections are the perfect answer to increasing pressures across the public sector. They have over 60 years of experience in the trade and are very involved in the industry across the country. Tracey explains that ‘the company director regularly travels to London to attend meetings of the Enforcement Law Review Group. She is also the general secretary of CEAA (Certificated Enforcement Agents Association).’ Currently, JTR are looking to increase their profile and they hosted the Local Authority Civil Enforcement Forum conference, which brings together people from all areas of the industry and Local Authorities to discuss new developments and initiatives. It’s another string to JTR Collections’ considerable bow. JTR Collections is a major player in the field of debt collection. Though not as big as other collection agencies, they still make a considerable impression in the industry. ‘We hope to be able to help break the cycle and to help our debtors improve their finances as a whole,’ Tracey tells us. It’s an admirable aim, and one that is paying off. Contact: Tracey Stone Company: JTR Collections Web Address: Email: Telephone: 01933 623380