Finance Awards 2019

21 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 Ensuring that finances are in order is a vitally important task, and one that no firm ever wants to get wrong, regardless of size. Helping small and medium-sized enterprises in a wide variety of sectors with bookkeeping, tax planning and compliance services, Aequitas Accountants has become the best accounting and auditing practice for North West London in 2019. To learn more about how, we profile the firm and its award-winning service. Best Accounting & Auditing Practice 2019 - North West London Aequitas Accountants Ltd. When dealing with finances, trust is of crucial importance. Clients have to be able to trust that an external party will handle their finances with the utmost care, and ensure everything is kept in order. A trusted advisor for all of its clients, Aequitas is a full-service practice that provides a range of commercial and individual support including payroll, tax planning, end-of-year accounts, bookkeeping, audits, and compliance services. Despite specialising in the pharmacy & healthcare industry, the firm also delivers to commercial clients in the retail, property and construction sectors. From the beginning of any professional work, the firm’s aim is to cultivate a working partnership that will result in corporate advice which makes tangible improvements to any business. By combining seasoned experience with youthful dynamism, Aequitas can tailor its own services to each client, be they a start-up sole trader or multinational corporation. For more than twenty years, the firm has successfully helped businesses of all sectors and sizes achieve bigger and better things thanks to a desire to fully understand it, rather than sell a one-size-fits-all service. Rather than simply provide a bookkeeping service to cover basic financial functions, the team at Aequitas carefully analyse complete financial structures and figures to understand everything about a client. Once established, that data can be used to boost profits, increase efficiencies, and guide clients to a better work-life balance. This often begins with asking the right questions, finding out where clients are at the time of the partnership, where they would like to be in five or ten years’ time, and how the team can help in getting clients there. Then the work truly begins. Once the foundations have been established, the team can begin their work analysing and understanding a clients financial state. More than simply understanding or carrying out various audits and checks however, the Aequitas family of staff offer crucial advice on how to maximise current profits and how best to use them in furthering business goals. As finances becomes an increasingly digital landscape however, the team have also had to remain at the cutting edge of developments. More than just offering corporate and business- focused accounting services, the team at Aequitas also work with individual clients across a range of areas. From personal tax planning and wealth management, to planning for an eventual retirement whilst managing the day-to-day affairs of a business. For both individuals and businesses however, remaining up to date with the latest legislative changes regarding tax is imperative. During the time when HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) was being implemented, the team at Aequitas were preparing their clients for a radical shift in the way that taxes were processed. Deadlines were looming and MTD filing was being tested early on. Clients had to be prepared, as did accounting and auditing firms. Fortunately the team at Aequitas were, and remain to this day, on the lookout for new products and services that increase efficiencies thanks to the implementation of MTD. The staff are constantly learning, and always seeking to improve themselves to ensure clients get the best service. Whether it be through weekly webinars, regular breakfast meetings, technical changes, software improvements, or any other matter of concern, everyone is encouraged to bring solutions forward in the pursuit of achieving the best client satisfaction. As the industry continues to move towards a technology-based work environment, Aequitas is keen to use technology in its work with clients. With more than twenty years’ experience delivering some of the best accounting and auditing services across the entirety of North West London, Aequitas continues to stand out. With excellent client service, unparalleled taxation and financial knowledge, and a thirst for more knowledge to deliver a better service, the next twenty years are set to be even more successful. Company: Aequitas Accountants Ltd. Contact: Arpana Patel Website: CHARTEREDACCOUNTANTSAND REGISTEREDAUDITORS CHARTEREDACCOUNTANTSAND REGISTEREDAUDITORS CHARTEREDACCOUNTANTSAND REGISTEREDAUDITORS