Finance Awards 2019

35 | SME NEWS - Finance Awards 2019 Baker Hudson Health Ltd specialise in providing excellent care for their clients, building a relationship that can last for years to come. We caught up with Director Freddy Hopf to find out more. Most Trusted Health Insurance Brokerage - Gloucestershire Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, the small but dedicated team at Baker Hudson Health can tend to your every question and query regarding private health insurance. With the political landscape becoming ever tenser and the topic of the NHS gaining media attention, there has never been a better time to explore the possibilities that private health insurance has to offer. Baker Hudson Health specialise in ensuring that its clients get the medical cover they need when they need it. Firstly, Freddy explained to us that ‘At Baker Hudson Health, we pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke service with ongoing support and guidance through the plan year so it’s not just a service where we save people money here now and then just forget about it. We look after our clients forevermore, giving them advice through- out the year on how best to use the policy and to make it work in the way they would expect it to if they ever came to use it.’ This approach demonstrates the client-focused approach that is actively encouraged at Baker Hudson Health, with the personal approach crucial to the continued success of the company. ‘Ensuring that our clients have the same adviser every year to make sure that they’re completely looked after and happy with the service,’ Freddy tells us. ‘Appointing a personal adviser to each client is an important part of what we do to ensure that clients get the very best service and continuity within the service as well.’ This attention to detail is matched by the inhouse compliance team that ensures that all clients receive the same standards of advice. For Freddy and his team, the provision of impartial, objective advice is key. It can be easy for customers to simply agree and move on with their lives. Freddy hopes that the bespoke service their boutique brokerage offers, gives clarity to a client’s unique situation. ‘When our clients purchase insurance from ourselves, we like to think they are fully equipped with all of the benefits that they can claim for and if they’re ever unsure about something they can come to us at any time.’ Being knowledgeable about every aspect that the business deals with from medical conditions to insurance is another major part of building a client’s trust. ‘Quite a lot of firms will know the bare minimum about the policies,’ Freddy opines, ‘but we’re passionate about finding out the information. Information is power. We find out as much as we can about the insurance we sell, the industry we work in and deliver that information to clients to ensure they know what they’re getting into with that sort of insurance.’ The dedication to client service is clearly key to the successful operation of Baker Hudson Health. The entire business is built on a foundation of honesty and offering the best service possible. ‘We’re massively service-focused, if your clients are happy, they are more likely to refer friends and family and people are going to talk positively about you, you’re going to win awards,’ Freddy tells us. It’s evidently true, with this success in 2019 sure to be the start of greater success. ‘Our reputation is absolutely everything to us so that’s something we’re always pushing forward to ensure that we remain a trusted name within in the industry.’ So far, the reputation of Baker Hudson Health has proven to be impeccable and is reflected in its award-winning success. We’re sure that it’s an approach that’ll act as a calling card for clients interested in their services for years to come. Contact Details Contact: Freddy Hopf Company: Baker Hudson Health Ltd Web Address: Telephone: 01453 297 100