Finance Awards 2020

18 | Finance Awards 2020 the pandemic has at least given the team a chance to explore other ways of communication. “COVID-19 has in many ways refocused our minds and the ways in which we interact with clients. Currently, we are looking at alternative ways to deliver our processes and looking at advising clients of the carbon footprint we will have if we see them face to face.” As for what the future holds for Kate and the team at Themis Wealth Management, the main goal for the firm moving forward is to continue providing their clients with their award-winning expert advice and great value for money. Company: Themis Wealth Management Contact: Kate Gannon Website: Located in Cornwall, Themis Wealth Management is a financial planning firm with its clients individual needs at the very heart of it. Following its well-deserved success in the UK Finance Awards 2020, we caught up with Kate Gannon to find out more. Themis Wealth Management pride themselves on their values and these are applied to every aspect of its work. Providing great value for money and making sure the client feels relaxed is of paramount importance to the firm. Going into further detail, Kate begins by providing us with an overview of the firm, as well as offering an insight into the type of clients the team serve. “Here at Themis we know that life is not a dress rehearsal. When you work with us on organising and planning your finances, our goal is to support you to make the most of life now, while you still can. Rather than just helping you get a better return on your investments, we want to help you live your best life. Whoever we work with, our clients’ lives are at the very heart of every conversation. Although we will help you look after your money, your money is not the sole focus. Instead we want you to get the most out of your life and investments, to achieve all that you wish to. “Named after Themis (pronounced Themm-Is), the Greek Titaness known as a lady of good counsel, we put our focus on communication, listening to and understanding your individual needs, rather than pushing you towards particular products. Products like investment portfolios, pension plans and cashflow planning software are important, but they are only tools to get the job done, the job itself is making your life better, your way. Working with Themis, you can relax and trust that every piece of advice, every plan, and every product, will have your life at the heart of it. This is recognised by the fact that we are Chartered Financial Planners and have won multiple awards for our work.” Across the Cornwall region competition remains an ongoing challenge for the firm, however as Kate goes on to explain, its client-focused approach has allowed the team to distance itself from the crowd. “By listening closely to our clients, we aim to make a difference and build a plan which moves Financial Planners of the Year - Cornwall with them and their life stages. Whilst taking the pressure away, we will be there to ensure that they can get on with living life to the full. Ultimately, we want every client to achieve their life goals and to be backed up by a thoughtful, flexible and professional individual financial plan.” Although the firm may eventually add to their current team, Kate argues how important it is to not get ahead of yourself too soon in the financial services profession. “First and foremost, the focus in our practice is to get it right inside to ensure that we deliver a first-class experience on the outside. Too many businesses’ focus on expansion as soon as possible rather than getting to grip with goals and putting the correct knowledge and processes in place first. The Themis family employed the talents of Michelle Hoskin of Standards International from January 2021 to ensure that we are seamless in our delivery and are exceeding expectations from everyone in our team and those of our clients too.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 initially bringing a halt to the firm’s progress, as Kate points out, Oct20796