Finance Awards 2020

20 | Finance Awards 2020 With an exciting year ahead, Z2 is looking to expand its team so as to facilitate the firm’s own growth, as well as that of its clients. Managing Director and Chartered Accountant, Charlotte Zacharia says, “My team are my company as without them, my growth and my promises to our clients would not be possible”. Therefore, Charlotte is on the lookout for new talent to join the Z2 team, seeking those who are ambitious, conscientious, and approachable, thus complementing the existing team and the positive and professional internal culture that it has cultivated at Z2. The growing team will also be vital in accommodating the increased number of new client enquiries that Z2 has seen over the last few months. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, businesses are looking to save money, seeking the more personalised services of a local firm that larger corporations are unable to provide. Reputed for its excellent communication channels and transparency, Z2 has also attracted many clients from other firms who are tired of feeling like they are not being listened to or supported in this undoubtedly challenging time. Z2 therefore continues to honour its commitment to providing reliable, honest financial advice and accountancy services, ensuring it is relevant even in the midst of the changeable nature of the pandemic and its effects on economies and businesses. Approachable and professional as ever, the Z2 team is working together with its clients as a united team, striving towards the same goals for financial and personal success for its clients, their businesses, and for Z2 itself. Company: The Z2 Group Ltd Contact: Charlotte Zacharia Website: The Z2 Group is a full-service accountancy firm based in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire that is committed to dealing with all accountancy matters for their clients, so that they can focus on the bigger picture of successful growth for their business. Led by Chartered Accountant and Managing Director, Charlotte Zacharia, Z2 takes pride in providing the resources that any small to medium-sized business needs to build a thriving business. Situated in the village of Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, the Z2 Group is a team of chartered accountants that is committed to handling all things accountancy for its personal and business clients, so that they can focus on running and developing their business. Working in collaboration with them, Z2 ensures its clients and their companies are fully compliant, thus giving them the strong foundations upon which to build and maintain a successful, profitable, and reputable business. Z2 offers accountancy services for businesses in Financial and Management Accounting, Payroll and Workplace Pensions, Business Launch for Start-Ups, Corporation Tax and more, as well as for personal clients, providing services which include Wealth Management, Personal Tax, and Trusts and Estates. As a full-service firm with over twenty years of experience in public practice, Z2 is able to provide relevant, innovative and practical advice, delivered with flexible service that prioritises regular communication, transparency, and reliability. As such, the Z2 team is easy to reach and approachable, thriving in situations where they get to interact with their clients face-to-face. Whether at the Z2 office in Wheathampstead, the offices of their clients across Hertfordshire, at their homes or over a business lunch, the Z2 team works flexibly to suit their clients’ needs, ensuring that they can answer their queries and provide solutions with unparalleled, client-centric service. In order to maintain the high standard of customer service in accountancy that Z2 has become synonymous with in Hertfordshire, the firm is constantly thinking ahead and evolving to stay at the cutting-edge of its changing industry. Clients seek accountancy services that are bespoke and relevant, moving in accordance with their business and adopting a dynamic approach that outstrips the outdated annual accounting practices of the past. Most Trusted Business Accountants - Hertfordshire Consequently, Z2 is launching its new Business Intelligence packages in 2021 for existing clients and as an exciting new stand-alone product that can be used by larger companies. The bespoke service fills the Finance Director role of a business to manage its financial elements, as well as advising and undertaking duties and responsibilities in HR, Legal and Sales departments. Business Intelligence packages will also include Growth Mentoring programmes that give added-value resources to business owners of all sizes, enabling them to build a robust and successful business with the support of Z2. Oct20744