Finance Awards 2020

23 | Finance Awards 2020 2021 sees Ashbourne Insurance celebrating its fortieth year in business having been such an integral part of the Hertfordshire business landscape since 1981. Today, Ashbourne Insurance has rightfully been recognised with the title of Best Independent General Insurance Broker – Hertfordshire in the UK Finance Awards 2020 from SME News Magazine. Join us as we find out more about the firm and uncover what has contributed to its present-day success over the last four decades of exceptional service. Ashbourne Insurance is a thirdgeneration, family-run, multi-award winning, and independent broker that serves the local business and residential communities of Hertfordshire. Founded more than forty years in 1981, the business has been a staple of the Hertfordshire community since then, though it has progressed through to the next generation in that time and achieved steady growth over the years. In 2008, the family team of Peter and Sarah Smits, along with Sarah’s brother Matthew Hunt, formed the current management team and have been overseeing things since then. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the company is based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire and it provides a one-stop service for clients of all shapes and sizes, whether they need personal and complex insurances, or claims advisory support. Ashbourne Insurance has always sought to deliver excellence, and it provides insurance solutions at a price that can be tailored to suit any requirement, business, motor, home, cyber, or travel insurance needs. Rather than operate call centres and require its customers to trade online, Ashbourne Insurance has a team of trained professionals who are always on hand at the end of a phone or available in person to discuss any insurance requirement. Built on the core values of trust, reliability, and dedication to understanding a client’s needs, these have rooted Ashbourne Insurance in success for more than forty years. These core family values have further strengthened the firm’s commitment to supporting clients and staff by embracing modern technology. By heavily investing in state of the art software, the customer service that Ashbourne Insurance prides itself is made even greater. Clients come in many shapes and sizes for Ashbourne Insurance, but it is the firm’s focus Best Independent General Insurance Broker - Hertfordshire on people that has made it into a veritable powerhouse of service. People matter at Ashbourne Insurance, and they have since day one. Whether it be taking the very best care of clients, giving staff ongoing training, or networking with local businesses, the management team at Ashbourne Insurance ensures the emphasis is always on people. Continuing to offer the same personal service offered forty years ago when the firm was founded is what makes the team very proud. There is an unwavering commitment to offering that very personal service, and keeping it at the heart of everything the firm is important for future growth and success. At the core of the success that Ashbourne Insurance is seeking to achieve is a strength that comes from professional knowledge and experience accumulated and handed down through the generations, and an absolute commitment to the family values. Ashbourne Insurance offers clients the security of a personal and face-to-face service that is not possible even with modern day online operations. With the customer at the heart of everything that the firm does, they are offered a uniquely personal service and professional advice based on their insurance needs and requirements. Ongoing information is shared via the website, videos, social media, and newsletters on issues such as cybercrime and changes to insurance acts. Managing Director, Peter Smits, explains the importance of the staff in taking care of the clients on a daily basis. “Our job is to educate our customers so they can make informed choices about their insurance needs. We have a duty of care to our customers and to our staff, so we invest heavily into training and developing our team to handle the needs of our customers. It is extremely important to invest in the talented staff we have. We place a huge emphasis on empowering and developing staff skills to support a vibrant sales and service culture. There will never be a period when we aren’t investing in training and development, including during the current pandemic.” Ultimately, Ashbourne Insurance is a firm that values people over transactional value, and seeks to ensure that every single client gets the best possible service. Putting the customer at the forefront of everything that the firm does is the Ashbourne Insurance way of doing things, and the firm deserves every bit of success it achieves thanks to its ongoing commitment to service. Company: Ashbourne Insurance Contact: Peter Smits Website: Nov20271