Finance Awards 2020

24 | Finance Awards 2020 the expertise, knowledge and skills to break down the financial barriers and facilitate new go-to-market sales and consumption models for technology projects. Ultimately, we can increase efficiencies, add value and create a strong return on investment.” Since launching, the success of Rigby Capital can partly be attributed to the efforts of its team members. As a result, the firm typically base its recruitment on the personal qualities an individual can bring to a position, as Simon points out. “Rigby Group prides itself on the five core principles of operational excellence, independent thinking, building partnerships, working with passion, and caring for its stakeholders. With these values helping create a unique culture, this must be reflected in the trusted relationships we build with our customers partners and colleagues. As such, we look for talent from any walk of life who will complement the extensive knowledge and skills of our existing team. Many of our employees have worked for large corporates in the technology and financing sectors, and also smaller niche organisations specialising in disruptive solutions to meet modern demands. Bringing the interview to a close, Simon signs off by commenting on the firm’s future plans as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Over the next few years we will continue to build key partnerships with market-leading IT vendors and software businesses, to benefit our customer base across Europe. With an ambitious and exciting five-year roadmap in place, we are confident that we can achieve our vision and play a major role as a disruptive investor in IT projects.” Company: Rigby Capital Limited Contact: Website: Established in 2015, Rigby Capital was launched with the sole purpose of filling the gap between what vendors and service providers offered and what their customers needed through specialising in supporting the economic impact of consumption-based technology service solutions, alongside traditional IT financing solutions. Having recently found success in SME News’ UK Finance Awards 2020, we got in touch with Simon Everidge, Interim MD, to find out more about how they earned the title IT Financing Provider of the Year 2020. Backed by one of the UK’s most trusted family-owned public limited companies, Rigby Capital is commercially oriented, transparent, and unique in its approach. To start, Simon gives us a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “At Rigby Capital we focus exclusively on financing technology projects. Specifically, we have created innovative financing solutions that work for all parties across the supply chain, from vendor through to the end-user, in the new as-a-service subscription economy. Through our different approach, we specialise in asset-inclusive service payment, which can be structured from 12 to 72 months, and can include the device, infrastructure, print and/or mobileas-a-service, together with all software and any multi-year service plans required. Naturally, our priority is to structure the right deal for customers based on usage over ownership. By moving away from a traditional balance sheet valuation, and previously popular lease-based structures, we can unlock greater capacity and flexibility within their existing and future IT budgets. The success of our strategy can be seen in our growing portfolio of leading international IT vendors and their channel partners, including distributors, service providers and resellers, along with their enterprise and public sector customers in the UK.” Operating in the UK financial arena brings plenty of competition to the table for the firm. However, as Simon goes on to explain, its personalised client approach has proved to be one of the key factors behind the firm’s success. “Rigby Capital thrives on being recognised as problem solvers who act with transparency, along with a positive attitude to innovation, proven agility and an ongoing commitment to enable progress for its partners. A small team of highly IT Financing Provider of the Year 2020 experienced account managers and operational staff along with a personalised approach ensures that our customers feel cared for and have access to information at any time. “Based on our mission of helping our customers and partners to deliver on their strategies, we listen, consult and avoid pre-determined solutions. As such, we have to earn the right to solve our partners problems and build the trust to justify and then expand upon our partnerships. Whether it be a vendor, OEM, distributor, service provider, supplier or end-user customer, we have Oct20906