Finance Awards 2020

25 | Finance Awards 2020 Having secured success in the UK Finance Awards 2020, we at SME News Magazine are taking a closer look at those firms who achieved excellence in the last twelve months. One of those firms is Williams Lester Accountants Ltd, a forward-thinking accountancy business that aims to give clients better and quicker information on their current position in order to enable the client to make better business decisions. Join us as we find out more about this award-winning firm, and understand its services. Technology has permeated almost every area of business, society, and general life, and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down any time soon. With constant improvement and innovation on the table for almost every industry, it is no winder that more firms and industries are looking to incorporate the latest technology into their services. For the Wales-based firm of Williams Lester, technology plays a vital role in helping them maintain their position as a leading accountancy and tax advisory firm. Bookkeeping and ensuring that finances are all up to date and in line with the latest regulations is absolutely imperative for a business, and those are the services that Williams Lester offers to its clients. Technology here plays a vital role in enabling the firm to deliver the best financial services possible. Whether a client has just started a new business and wants to get off to the best possible start, or a seasoned veteran company is looking for a partnership that can provide a scalable, packaged, and tailored range of accounting services, Williams Lester can help. The firm’s range of financial services go hand in hand with the latest technology, and are all provided by fully qualified and experienced staff who always monitor, advise, and review both new and existing clients. This ensures that the firm itself is always providing the right accounting solutions for a business, especially as a business grows and develops over time. For the team working at Williams Lester, providing these services is about far more than just offering cloud-based technology and digital systems for reviewing accounts and gaining near-real-time insights. It is about creating lasting partnerships and delivering financial services that go above and beyond what a client needs. Williams Lester is also keeping up to date on new technology becoming more and more commonplace Bookkeeping & Tax Services Firm of the Year - Wales within the financial industry. As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology enable greater levels of efficiency and unprecedented audit trails, there will also undoubtedly be a profound impact on the tax industry. In preparing for this impact, the firm has expertly positioned itself to become one of the prime bookkeeping and tax advisory services able to help clients through a digital transformation. An award-winning combination, Williams Lester’s blend of unparalleled client satisfactions and innovative bookkeeping and tax services has seen the firm catapulted to new levels of advisory excellence. Despite the impact of COVID-19 on business across the United Kingdom, Williams Lester continues to deliver the very best in can to every client. The last two years have possibly been the most challenging years in a long time, especially with Brexit and the pandemic, as well as substantial changes to the VAT system for the construction industry. Now is the time when businesses need to rely on their accountants to get it right and give them the advice to ensure that they know what changes need to be made to keep them on the right path. Above all else, however, Williams Lester brings an ethos to think differently and encourages businesses to change for the better. This encouraged and exciting new technology has enabled the team to help clients make real and tangible differences in their companies across the country. Company: Williams Lester Accountants Ltd Contact: David Poole Website: Nov20064