Finance Awards 2020

29 | Finance Awards 2020 Founded in 1990, SL Investment Management is an alternative investment fund manager working globally with intermediaries and professional institutional investors to deliver low-correlation investment products and asset management services. Recently, we got in touch with Alec Taylor to find out more about the firm and its remarkable success in the UK Finance Awards 2020. Over the last 30 years, SL Investment Management has been building a reputation as a business built on the knowledge and skills of its specialist teams and solid professional judgement and standards. To begin, Alec provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “Based in Chester, we are a small team of 25+ who have managed or advised over 30 collective investment vehicles, utilising multiple structures and domiciles, representing over $7bn in assets. Naturally, our goal is to offer investors access to alternative assets that deliver stable returns, are resistant to market volatility and protect capital values. SL aim to deliver investor value through its experience in the full life cycle of an investment, including product conception to launch, creation and implementation of the investment strategy, valuation and asset acquisition and portfolio and modelling services. Combined with strong corporate governance and actuarial capabilities, our reputation is one based on innovation and our specialist expertise in insurance assets such as US life settlements.” Competing in the investment world is often a challenging experience, however the firm’s clientfocused approach and knowledge of the industry has allowed it to distance itself from the crowd. “In order to identify innovative solutions for our clients we have to gain an understanding of their objectives first.” Highlights Alec. “Beyond this, our aim is to deliver strong performance with minimal risk through the application of our fund management and actuarial capabilities which are delivered in a framework of solid regulatory and governance control. Working with global financial institutions such as banks, pension funds and asset managers, along with intermediaries, family offices and High Net Worth Individuals, the dialogue with investors is usually facilitated through our extensive network of industry contacts, along with our activities with industry bodies such as the European Life Settlement Association (ELSA). Referrals and ‘word of SL Investment Management Ltd mouth’ recommendations are now also becoming an increasingly important part of our success.” The SL Investment Management team is compromised of financial and technical specialists who collectively form the intellectual capital of the organisation. When it comes to recruitment a candidate’s qualifications are very important, but as Alec explains further, an individual’s personality can be just as vital. “When recruiting, we naturally look for the best talent we can in terms of educational background and training. However, finding individuals with specific experience in the markets in which we operate is almost impossible to find as it is so niche. Therefore, qualities such as the energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, creative abilities and persistent nature of an individual are essential to bringing success to the team.” Since its establishment, SL Investment Management have faced numerous challenges and more recently it has had to face a global pandemic with the outbreak of COVID-19. However, as Alec points out, despite the current negative economic outlook there are some positive signs for the firm moving forward. “Interest in the alternative asset space is often counter cyclical to investor interest in traditional asset classes. Currently, we are at a point in the cycle where returns from traditional assets are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and investor attention is moving more towards alternative investment strategies. Investors are rediscovering what alternative investment strategies can offer in terms of enhanced returns, with potential for lower volatility and low levels of correlation to traditional markets. The COVID-19 situation has clearly reinforced the fragility of investments in assets such as stocks and shares, and increased investor interest in alternative investments which can continue to offer favourable returns.” Going forward, Alec comments on the firm’s future prospects as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “In 2021, our aim is to maintain our position in the industry and the reputation we have worked tremendously hard to build. Beyond this, if we can possibly extend our client base, then we will be very pleased.” Company: SL Investment Management Ltd Contact: Alec Taylor Web: Nov20094 Best Alternative Investment Fund Manager 2020 & Best Medium to Long Term Alternative Investment Fund (Since Inception): BlackOak Investors LP